Scrapbooking, sort of

January 21st, 2015

Once Nora started napping by herself and I suddenly had time for luxurious activities such as feeding myself and going to the bathroom, I decided it was time to do something with the bajillion photos we’re taking these days. We’re making so many memories every day now, but there’s no way I’m going to remember much of this period at all unless I print photos and write, write, write.

Side note for new parents: shoot lots of video! I had no idea Nora would change so fast in the beginning, and we really don’t have much footage from when she was this brand new, ridiculously tiny little thing. She’s four and a half months now, and I can’t even remember what it was like to hold her back then.

Unfortunately, naptime isn’t quite long enough for me and my slow-scrappin’ ways, so I’m embracing other methods of memory keeping.

One of my favorite Christmas presents was this little notebook from my brother and his girlfriend, containing a greeting from my heroine of all things outdoorsy, Cecilie Skog. This notebook deserved a better fate than being a space for me to write my mundane to-do lists, so it’s now officially my special Nora & mamma book. I’m filling it with my favorite photos of the two of us together (and that one photo from when I ran into Cecilie Skog at the airport) and jotting down special memories.

This book really is just for me, so I don’t have to worry about making my handwriting legible (it rarely is, thanks to computers) or gluing the photos straight. I love this little album already.

Lazy scrapbooking

When we took Nora to Mount Rainier in November, we made sure to get her a National Park Passport and stamp it to document her first visit. Instead of buying the sticker that’s supposed to go below the stamps, I pasted a photo from our trip. If I (and eventually she) keeps this up for every park she visits, this is going to be one cool little passport to have.

I should probably include that dopey photo of Nora stamping in it, too. Heehee.

Nora's first National Park passport stamp! Lazy scrapbooking

Last but not least, I’m officially hooked on photo books. I’ve made some that are just photos and little notes about Nora, one vacation album, and a couple of books where I just used content from my blog. So easy to make (I do it while catching up on Norwegian tv shows), and they take up way less space than scrapbook albums. Bonus: print extras, and you’ll be set for Christmas presents for the grandparents!

Lazy scrapbooking

At some point – when naps are longer or Nora is in college – I will make a traditional scrapbook from her first year (and use up all those adorable baby scrapbooking products I’ve been hoarding for years), but for now, this works just fine.

A wee bit late…

January 8th, 2015

…but god jul and happy new year from the cutest little santa this side of the North Pole! If 2015 is even half as good as 2014 was, we’re in for a good one. <3

This looks like a festive political campaign ad

<3 Nora's first Christmas!
She learned from the best Stocking stuffer


Snoozing Santa

Nora’s nursery

December 16th, 2014

The bedroom next to ours stood empty for the longest time (and by “empty” I mean filled with random hiking gear and outdoor cushions), but this spring we finally had the motivation to spruce it up and get it ready for our little nugget.


We decided on a woodlandish theme, which means that Nora inherited the awesome bear beanbag JK got me for my birthday a couple of years ago and we finally got to use the little rug we couldn’t resist at IKEA.


The couch used to live in the office and is fairly ugly, but it turns into a bed, something that might come in handy in the future. The ladder shelf is from our old bedroom and will be replaced with something that’s less tempting to climb once a certain someone starts toddling around.


JK painted the walls (including a slightly darker accent wall) while I supervised from the couch, then JK put up vinyl decals while I supervised from the couch, and then JK hung the bird mobile while I supervised from the couch. Aaah, pregnancy. The only time in my life I was physically able to nap. *suppressing a yawn*


The picture frame above the changing table is going to be filled with photos of relatives back home, but I was supposed to print them the week Nora showed up…and somehow I haven’t even gotten around to buy ink for our printer yet. Christmas. Surely I’ll get it done over Christmas.

Iggy, marmot, pika

Here comes the Nora train! We found these train car letters at a toy store here in town and finalized her name right then and there. This will probably grow into an epic train set over the years.

Nora's first artwork

…and of course, Nora’s first piece of art – our friend painted this based on our baby announcement photo. I love, love, love it so much!


Nora’s aunt got her this AMAZING romper. It’s still a little too big, so for now it serves as decor…as will her collection of newborn sports supporter jerseys and onesies that she’s now grown out of (sniff sniff). Oh, and since babies produce an impressive amount of laundry, I found this vaguely Mukmukian laundry hamper for all those spit-up-on and blown-out-in teeny tiny pieces of clothing.

I can't WAIT 'til she fits into this! Vaguely Mukmukian laundry basket

Phive Phavorite Photos

November 29th, 2014

Blog posts are scarce these days, so here’s a lazy one where I just copy the text from a facebook update where I was tagged to post five photos that make me happy. I was trapped under an adorable, sleeping baby at the time, so I only went two years back in time.

Beach squishy

The best vacation ever on St. John in 2013, marinating in sunshine and happiness. We went back this year, but since I spent much of the trip puking (for excellent reasons), it didn’t quite reach 2013′s level of awesomeness.


From a trail run to Mt. Defiance in 2013. So many good outdoor adventures that summer, and I felt like I was in decent shape for the first time in ten years.

Our own little corner of the woods

Larch heaven, a day of light and hope (and of realizing yet again how lucky I am to have this guy) in an otherwise difficult autumn of fertility treatments (and look where I am one year later).

Love this bit of trail

Hiking my favorite trail while carrying that long-awaited baby bump. Nuff said.

Happiest moment ever

My favorite photo – my first look at Nora – won’t ever make it onto the interwebs, but this one will do. Nothing, *nothing* could have prepared me for the instant feeling of love (and of magical pain relief/amnesia, which makes me remember labor as “not that bad”, which I KNOW can’t be true) that came the second I laid eyes on that beautiful, wiggling little lump.

Little piggy

…and I have to cheat and add a sixth photo – actually, ALL the photos of my little nugget smiling. My totally zen newborn turned into a very fussy (which is the polite term for screamy) baby, but just one smile from this beautiful being makes it all okay. I asked a friend what happened to our Buddha babies, whose awesome mellowness we had been bragging about a couple of weeks earlier, and she told me that they’re helping turn us into Buddhas. Troof.

Nora meets the Mountain

November 10th, 2014

Nora turned two months last week and decided she was more than old enough for her first visit to Mount Rainier. Mama and papa were happy to oblige!

Family selfie

Between the end of Daylight Saving Time, a late morning nap for Nora, and the fact that everything takes about seven times longer than you expect it to when you’re travelling with a wee babby with a prodigious appetite, we didn’t hit the trail until about an hour before sunset. No worries, it gave us enough time to mosey along on the touristy trails above Paradise.

Nora insisted on keeping her cute little head outside of the Moby wrap to look at the scenery, so she clearly didn’t mind the fact that we were walking on paved trails for most of the way.

She wanted to look at the scenery

I say this every year and never actually follow through, but this year, dagnabbit, we will send out Christmas cards. It would be a crime not to after we scored this perfect Mukmukian family photo!

Mukmuk family

Speaking of Mukmuk, Nora’s Halloween costume shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog. My dreams, thems done gone come true!

Mukmuk! Marmots need cuddles too

Back to Mount Rainier – while we may have gone deaf from the car ride there (and that’s a looong drive), seeing this little lady seemingly enjoying herself in one of my favorite places made the trip so worth it.

Is this really November??

I know she can’t really see much of anything at all yet and probably won’t appreciate the views until she’s in her twenties, but I love being able to include her in our family traditions like this. Babywearing is such a wonderful feeling to begin with (and a workout, now that Nora is pushing 12 lbs!), but getting to do it while looking at views like these? Amazing.

Perfect day for a walkabout

JK got to do the babywearing this time, while I was stuck with the lame, non-adorable, non-warm, non-snuggly backpack.


Our hike ended with yet another nursing session for the hungry little hiker, with a side of excellent sunset views and happy cooing. One of my favorite moments yet.


…and luckily hiking is such hard work that Nora spent the entire drive home sleeping like, well, a baby. I’ll call our first real mountain outing a success for sure.

Not a representative photo

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