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Decemberish Dailyish

I’m always excited about Christmas, but this year my cheer level is off the charts – it’ll be Nora’s first Christmas as a somewhat functional human being, and I can’t wait to share all our traditions with her (and make some new ones, too).

I want those memories documented in an album we can pull out every year around this time, so for the first time ever, I’ll be participating in December Daily. Except I started it in November. And I’m focusing on the highlights, which might not necessarily happen every day. So… Decemberish Dailyish it is!

Decemberish Dailyish

I’m using a gold 6×8 album with divided page protecters from Seven Paper, and I’ll be using a mix of new products and stuff I’ve been hoarding for years. Looking at what I’ve made so far, I’ll just assume that some recurring themes will be gold, stars, and oh so many deer heads and antlers.

Decemberish Dailyish

I was planning on starting my album with Thanksgiving, but then we went on a really fun hike in the snow the weekend before. We sang Christmas carols as we walked through the woods and Nora played in the snow, and I just couldn’t not include it.

Decemberish Dailyish

Found this old Studio Calico card with gold and stars. Score.

Decemberish Dailyish

Decemberish Dailyish

This little conversation I had with two friends who have kids about the same age as Nora made me crack up on one of those kind of long tiring, nap-refusal days, so I printed a screen capture of it. It’ll be cool to look back on in 15 years – will we still be using our phones for everything? Sending text messages? Using emojis?

Decemberish Dailyish

I found this star transparency in my stash and added it in between pages for some breathing room. I tend to use too many photos in projects like this, so I’m trying to add some white space and breathing room here and there.

Decemberish Dailyish

Nora is in love with the star we got at IKEA. We had one when I was growing up and I’ve been looking for one for years, but never found one in the U.S. until now. It hangs in the window and she’s obsessed with it.

Decemberish Dailyish

The next page covers Thanksgiving. We’ve really embraced this holiday even though it’s not celebrated in Norway and we don’t have family here. It’s just a really good excuse to get together with our fellow geographically orphaned friends and eat pie.

Decemberish Dailyish

Something very special happened the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s not my story to share, so I wrote it down on a tag and hid it behind the gold arrow paper.

Decemberish Dailyish

Black Friday was #optoutside day! We went for a short hike in a local park, and Nora got to play on the freezing beach. I added the #happy button to go with the whole hashtag thing. I also had to mention Dansgiving, which this introvert sees as the highlight of Thanksgiving – every year on Black Friday, JK and I snuggle up on the couch, watch Dan in Real Life, and eat leftovers. It never gets old. This page wasn’t very Christmasy. Maybe the #happy button needs antlers?

Decemberish Dailyish

The next page was supposed to be about the first Sunday of Advent, but then something really awesome happened that I had to write about instead. Once again it is not my story to share, but this is turning into one amazingly joyful album already – and December hasn’t even started yet!

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Autumn scrapbooking

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means Christmas is pretty much here already, so I should share my autumny scrapbook pages while they still feel relevant.

Given how much I love autumn, it’s kind of bizarre that I haven’t scrapbooked more of it (the same goes for Christmas, actually), but I did find this page from back in 2009. Look! Young, dark-snouted Wellie! Aaw.

Leave it, Wellie!

This one is new, but the photos are from my favorite hike of 2012. I’ll never have time to scrapbook all of our hikes (nor would I want to), but I do want to document my favorite ones from the years when I wasn’t scrapbooking. (I took a photo of the layout in the shade on our deck and the colors look bizarre – the iPhone photo in the header of this post is more accurate; apparently I just don’t know how to use an SLR. It’s much cuter in person. And Basil was there!)


I made this one for the Black & White Story Kit workshop by Ali Edwards. She prompted so many page ideas for me, and one of them was this – about finding that grey area between the black and white thinking, finding the silver lining. Or in this case the golden lining, since this cathartic hike happened on a trail full of golden larch trees.

Golden Lining

Happily, luckily, amazingly, I can move on from scrapbooking about infertility and instead make insipid pages like this one that has no meaning beyond “look how cute my baby is next to these pumpkins!” – and that is what I am truly thankful for this year. (I was thankful for that last year as well, but I spent that Thanksgiving on a beanbag in a dark room in our friends house while said baby screamed on my chest for hours and my friends were eating pie and watching football in the other room, so it’s even easier to be thankful this year.) But seriously, how cute is she with those pumpkins??


Albums, Layouts, Scrapbooking

Vacation Album Progress

JK and I have been lucky enough to go on lots of amazing vacations together (and some apart!), so I’m highlighting all of those big trips in one album – one two-page spread per trip. Some of these have also been documented in their own separate albums, but it’s really cool to have an overview of all our travels in one album. I want the photos and journaling to really bring back my favorite memories from each trip.

St. John

This one from St. John in 2013 was the first one I made. I made sure to mention Lana Del Rey in the journaling, because I was obsessed with her on this trip. The weird thing is that Art Deco, a song from her 2015 album, came on while I was writing this blog post, and even that took me back to the island. I guess her voice alone has the power to transport me to the Virgin Islands, even though this song came out years after the trip.

This was my all-time favorite vacation, so I’ve also made a photo book about it. I might actually make an entire I Love St. John album too, because I really do. Maybe after we return with Nora in tow?


This one is from our trip to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona with JK’s sister in 2008. It’s a scraplift of this page by Ali Edwards. Ali has slanted templates available for sale, they make it really easy to get the photos right! I also have an almost-finished 8.5×11 album from that trip that I made back in the day.

Southwest '09

The spread from our 2009 trip looks a little unbalanced; I made the left side before I had decided that every trip would be a two-pager, so then I just added on the right side this morning with these photos I found in my drawer. This trip is also documented in an 8×8 album. I love love love the simple design of that album, but sadly it is also unfinished. I sense a theme here – maybe I should host an album-finishing challenge in 2016? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there with poor, neglected, unfinished mini albums.

You had me at aloha

This last one is from our first trip to Hawaii in 2010. That wavy swoop was supposed to look much…swoopier, but I messed it up when I was cutting it. My x-acto knife skills are rusty. Oh well. Not only has this trip never been documented anywhere, but I never even finished processing the photos from it. That will have to be a project for a rainy day way off in the future. Until that day comes, this page will do.


Hiking, Issaquah Alps

It never fails

I haven’t really been taking care of myself lately, and I could feel it in my head, my heart, my soul, my back, my everything. On Saturday I even got a migraine – I really hoped they were a thing of the past, but since I’ve gotten one at the same time of the month these past three months, it seems they’re just a new post-pregnancy hormonal thing. Oh joy! But at least they only last one day instead of three.

Tiger Mountain

By Sunday, I knew I needed to get out into the woods. It had been pissing down rain for days, but I didn’t care – getting out there was a must. We bundled Nora up in 537 layers and hit the trails on Tiger Mountain, expecting a bone-chilling deluge.

Tiger Mountain

Instead, we found sunshine. We found the scent of freshly washed (pressure-washed!) greenery. We found giant chanterelles popping up right next to the trail (see it?).

Lazy mushroaming Tiger Mountain

I ran ahead while Nora and JK dawdled and looked for more mushrooms, and in less than a mile, I felt like myself again. Smiling, laughing, positive, able to see beauty in a world that seems to have gone off the rails.

The trail, man. It’s magic.

Tiger Mountain

Halloween 051
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Go-to Page Designs

My biggest hurdle in scrapbooking used to be page design. These days, my biggest hurdle is just getting off the internets so I can sit down and make something. Actually no, this week my biggest hurdle is that Nora has decided that napping is for sissies. After several glorious months of 1.5 hour naps twice a day, she seems to be moving to one nap…except that one nap is 30 minutes long and leaves us both cranky. Send help! And chocolate!

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yes, my biggest hurdle used to be page design. I felt like I needed to be all creative and fancy and reinvent the wheel every time I made a layout, but honestly, there’s a limit to how many new and exciting ways you can adhere photos to sheet of paper. So I started to scraplift myself, over and over again, and it’s marvelous and freeing.

Tuck and Robin

This is the design I go for when I have lots of photos to display – I could probably use this throughout my entire hiking album and be totally happy with the end result.

On Top of Old Smokey

It’s a great way to stuff six photos onto one page without it seeming overwhelming, and it adds a little more visual interest than a square grid (although square grids are also fabulous and are another go-to design).

Above the Clouds

This second design is my all-time favorite. Two parts of the page meeting off-center, corners rounded, so many possibilities. I made this Zion page in 2007 and I still consider it one of my best ever! I love how the ridgelines in the two photos just happened to fit together perfectly.


You can use one photo, lots of photos, only photos, or lots of patterned paper bits.

Paradise Found

I love adding an embellishment that pulls the two sections together.

Noble Bob

I’ve used it for two-pagers as well, drawing the eye all the way across the spread. I’m going to be attempting to make a December Dailyish album this year, and I think I’ll be relying heavily on this design in order to get my pages done quickly.


Alright, I should get up off the couch and get some housework done before this hopefully-longer-than-thirty-minute nap ends. Seriously, if you have tips for moving from two naps to one, let me know! If I put her down for a morning nap, she’ll play in her crib for over an hour before falling asleep for 30 minutes and then skip her afternoon nap…but if I try to keep her up until 11-11:30 so she can take one long nap, she gets overtired and just sleeps fitfully for, you guessed it, 30 minutes. Either way she ends up really cranky and has to go to bed early so JK doesn’t even get to see her after he comes home from work. She also seems like she’s working on walking, so maybe it could just be a sucktastic developmental leap and not actually a need to move to one nap?