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March 2007


Never mind me…

…this is just a sneaky post to see how my blog will work in the new blog feed over at the fabulous Minneriket :D


Since I just finished a layout, I’ll throw it in here for good measure. I can’t really take any credit for it though, since I did something very unlike me and completely scraplifted someone elses layout: Elsie by Jamie Waters. I just fell for this layout and couldn’t bear to change any part of it, so I copied it, right down to the digital paper! Can’t help my wonky handwriting though, bleh. Anyway, it will be the opening page of the UCSB album; the photo was taken at a goodbye-party a couple of days before we left for California.

Right, now I’m off to see if this feed-thing worked. And hopefully to sleep at some point :P

Me, Scrapbooking

Sleepless again…

and yes, there will be a Sleepless in Seattle layout. I just don’t know how to pose for a “sleepless” photo yet :)

My parents and my grandma are coming from Norway to stay with us for Easter, and I just realized they are arriving newt Wednesday – gaah! We still have to get our house looking like someone actually lives here. We’re past the period where it looked like some sort of scrapbook-obsessed serial killer used it as a hideout, but we still need some plants scattered around the house and paintings on the wall to make it more homey. We’re so slooow. For example, we still haven’t sent out all our thank you cards. The wedding was last July… We had an excuse for a while since we went on a month-long honeymoon to India and then moved to the US, but now it’s just down to a) pure laziness and b) perfectionist-induced procrastination. This is the same thing that makes scrapbooking so hard for me sometimes, because I feel that everything has to be perfect. I feel that all the thank you cards have to have a beautiful, meaningful note on them, I don’t want to be one of those people who just write “thank you for the toaster we got for our wedding”. So I just keep waiting and waiting until the task seems impossible. But this is just getting ridiculous. And if I haven’t sent the cards before my parents come, I can expect some looks and sighs that are powerful enough to make me feel like I am 14 years old again… :)

Speaking of being 14, thanks to my insomnia I have found a channel that shows My So-Called Life every night! Score! I have to say, I cannot understand why we all loved Jordan Catalano so much (apart from the obvious superficial reasons :P); no amount of learning disabilities or problems at home is an excuse to act like such an ass.

Brian Krakow is adorable though.

Alright, enough babbling from me. I’ll just share the birthday card I made for JK. The card was made with my brand new Quickutz Silhouette! I wanted to make JK a yoga card because I gave him, well, yoga for his birthday. We started doing yoga in 2004, first Sivananda then Ashtanga, and get pretty serious about it when we moved to California. Then I got depressed and couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning, and I haven’t done yoga since. JK kept it up and has always wanted me to start up again, so now that we’ve finished the yoga room in our basement, I promised JK that I will practice with him once a week. He really loved this present because he knows how difficult it will be for me, both physically (those 55 extra pounds I’ve gained since my last yoga session will probably be in the way…) and mentally. Oh well, wish me luck!



“Think in albums”…

…”not in layouts”, that is what JK said to me after he read my last post. That I should think of the fact that I am making a whole album (well, several whole albums), not just single layouts. I said “hmmm” and then sat down with my beloved Memory Dock to try to get some structure into my scrapping.

(as a side note, ever since I started getting depressed, I’ve noticed that I am craving structure in all parts of my life – I guess I need to feel that I am in control)

After jotting down some notes, I headed to the scrap room and sorted the Enormous Pile of Homeless Layouts into these categories:

“All About Us” (idea stolen from Stacy Julian): layouts about JK, Bobby and myself

“Friends and Family” (also stolen from Stacy): layouts about, yes, friends and family

“2005-2006”, “2006-2007” etc. (shuddup, the division makes sense because I want an album that starts when we moved to Seattle, plus I’ve always felt more true to the school year than the calendar year): layouts about things we’ve done and seen and whatever, organized chronologically (thank god I use 3-ring binders because I do NOT scrap anywhere near chronologically!)

“India”: self-explanatory – this is one will get an introduction page and section headers and everything so it will really tell a story :D

I am also going to make albums from our wedding and from our year in California, an album from “the olden days” (aka 2001-2005; the part of my life with JK when we were not photomaniacs..) plus an album from when we were growing up. Oh, and mini-albums from our old vacations together. See, I have plans! I have structure! Now I just need to buy some more albums…

It feels really good to know that the layouts I make have some purpose and a place to go; a context. Oh, and since I was on a control-freak rush, I cleaned the scrapbook room for good measure. Now it just needs some pictures on the wall before I can show it to you guys :)

I would like to publicly thank my wonderful husband for his brilliant insight into the horrors of my mind, you are the best inspiration!

Hmm, apparently this post makes me seem a wee bit crazy, so I’ll stop now. ‘Til we meet again, here is a layout I made for the India album, celebrating the oooh so sexy, round 70’s bed we had the pleasure of calling ours in Delhi…



Challenge me?

Lately I’ve been feeling that my layouts are so…boring! I’m having a lot of fun making them, but flipping through my albums is just..blah. Boring. I love looking through other people’s albums and reading stories about their kids and their lives, while I just take a photo of Bobby, put some paper and embellishments around it, and call it a day. Blaaah.

I guess part of this stems from the fact that my life itself is pretty eventless. It might sound exciting that I’ve moved to the U.S. and everything, but I am pretty much housebound with clinical depression and spend my days scrapbooking, watching tv, and playing with Bobby. Gaahk.

I’ll stop this post before it gets too pathetic, lol. I’m just feeling sorry for myself because JK is out at the pool hall celebrating his and Andre’s birthday, and I’m stuck at home with the flu. *woe is me*

Anyhoo, I was wondering if anyone wanted to give me a scrapbooking challenge – that is, what I should scrap about. Because I really want to scrapbook something this weekend and I want to finally put something interesting in my album.

/end whining

Oki, here is one of my layouts for Mosh Posh this month. Yes, we call Bobby Scabbers. And JK calls me Scabbers. And I call him Scabbers. :D


I just loooovelovelove the new Fancy Pants stamps!

Life, Me



So, like every other Norwegian scrap-blogger, I was tagged – the deal is that I have to write six weird things about myself, then pass the torch on to six other bloggers. Since everyone I know (at least the Norwegians..) has already done this, I am just going to leave it open – if you see this, have a blog, and want to participate, let me know!

Oooh, wait, I am actually going to tag my darling JK, maybe that will get him to start blogging again!

 1) Apparently I am not alone in this, but I really can’t tell what is left and what is right without looking down at my hands and actually shaking my left hand. Yes, I have the mental faculties of a three-year old.

2) I detest wearing socks, and will go barefoot any chance I get.

3) The second I enter the door to our house, I change from jeans (or whatever socially acceptable clothes I am wearing) to sweatpants or pajamas. I seriously can’t relax unless I do this.

4) I stopped eating meat after an anatomy class at the hospital in Trondheim. We were “working on” skinless, human corpses, and the muscles looked just like pork. I suddenly had an epiphany; I love animals and view Bobby and Charlie (JK’s parents’ dogs – until we stole Bobby :D) as members of our family – how can I eat animals, knowing that they have feelings and needs just like us? Seeing how similar we were to pigs just pushed me over the edge.

5) I recently started listening to Sting. I know, Sting. Suddenly I’m middle-aged instead of 24.

6) I scrapbook lying on the floor. This is how I’ve always studied and done homework, too. I really don’t like sitting in chairs!

 There you have it. I’m not that weird.