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May 2007

Me, Scrapbooking

*pretends she was never gone*

Ahem. The problem is, when you neglect your blog for a long period of time, you start thinking that you have to write this huuuge summary of your life when you post again, so you just keep procrastinating until you forget that you ever had a blog in the first place. Ahem.

Attempt at summary: things are sometimes up, sometimes down, we’ve done some cool stuff like rock climbing (so…sore…) and celebrating our first Norwegian Constitution Day in Seattle, I went to my first U.S. crop (fun (since I got to sit at the young n’ hip section :D), hi Deb!), yada yada yada.

Scrapbook-wise, some cool things have been happening; for National Scrapbook Day (I hope only scrapbookers read this blog; our little world must seem bizarre to outsiders) I was featured on Two Peas in a Bucket here and here (I’m “Smultringunn”), and I got three layouts published in the new Norwegian magazine Vi Scrapper (o yes, JK was in Vi Menn and I was in Vi Scrapper :D)! There are also a couple of other things I can’t tell you about, nudge nudge wink wink ;)

Anyhoo, enough boasting and bragging and whatnot. At least now my blog is finally updated and I can start posting (somewhat) regularly again. Hm. I just realized that “regularly” is one of those words that just seem completely insane the more you stare at it. Maybe I spelled it wrong. *mesmerized*

Before I go to sleep, here is the layout I just finished. I was trying to be all symbolic and therapeutic (painting is seriously like therapy for me, even if I just splash some paint over a mask) with this one :)


Hm, must stop spending so much time on the message boards, those smilies are popping up everywhere. As if my excessive use of parentheses and general manic rambling isn’t (aren’t?) confusing enough…