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July 2007


I have no words… (don’t worry, no spoilers)

…actually, I have a lot of words, but they keep coming out all jumbled and senseless. It is the best book I’ve ever read. The most brilliant, ingenious, important book I have ever read. I am so glad I got to be a part of this. I know this must sound insane to you non-Harry geeks out there – believe me, I know; I didn’t start reading the books until about a year ago because I had completely misunderstood what they were about.

I’ve tried writing this entry about a dozen times now and I just can’t explain how I feel (and I keep bursting into tears at regular intervals, which is getting really tiring at this point), so let me just show you how adorable Bobby was as Dobby, meeting adoring fans at Borders on Friday night:


And this is me, already puffy and tearful (and with rain-hair, shuddup!), seconds after getting my hands on my copy of the book:



Love and choice

Ooof, I am so insanely excited about the release of Deathly Hallows tonight that I actually have a stomach ache. I turned off the intarwebs yesterday so I wouldn’t see any spoilers, but I just had to stop by today to share these photos – what do you think happened when I went online? Yes, I saw a spoiler. Frick!!

Anyhoo, last night JK and I made a costume for Bobby to wear tonight – he’s going as Dobby, the House Elf!



I’ll be back, probably as a crying mess, after I’ve read the book. Happy reading, fellow geeks! :D

Life, Scrapbooking

Rattlesnake Lake

It has been oh so hot in Redmond this past week, and now we finally found a place we’re allowed to bring the dogs when we’re swimming. It is called Rattlesnake Lake, it is right next to Twin Peaks (ok, “North Bend”), and it has this amazing green colour. So we’ve spent the last two days there, and Bobs got to show off his mad paddling skillz.



(Before you call the ASPCA, JK did not throw Bobs in the water, he jumped. :D He is quite a swimmer that one!)

I should crawl off to bed now, so I’ll just post a page I made following Karla Dudley’s sketch for Pencil Lines. JK and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary the weekend I was doing the whole SoY-thing, and I didn’t really have time to go out – so JK surprised me with dinner and Cava on the porch! Love that man (and the new Basic Grey paper!)…



Huzzah! and Ugh.

Huzzah! I got my prize from the Style Studio Contest over at Scrapologie, a sweet Amy Butler tote bag for crops:


I tried to get Bobs to climb into the bag, but he refused and gave me his “I’m not one of those Paris Hilton-dogs”-look.

As for the Ugh; here is my scrap room after it was hit by Hurricane SoY:


No wonder I can’t get anything done. Must clean. But boring. Gaah. And yes, I scrap on the floor. That round spot where you can actually see he carpet is where I sit and spread chaos and destruction around me.


The Order of the Phoenix

We just came from the movies. I have one of those post-crying headaches. Yeah. (This should not come as a surprise since I cried ALL THROUGH Happy Feet…ahem..) Now I’m off to start rereading The Half-Blood Prince so I’m ready for next weekend.

Wow, I really am a dork.