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September 2007

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Catching up

I’ve been so busy lately! This is just bizarre for me after having spent almost a year here being, well, the opposite of busy. Anyhoo, I’ll try to get my blog caught up on some of the bigger things that have been going on.

:: SOY Interview ::

My SOY interview was last Wednesday! I was beyond nervous (seriously, I got less than one hour sleep the night before – ugh!), but once I started talking, I calmed down. It was more like a nice chat with fellow scrapbookers than an official interview, and the girls (heh, I can’t believe I’m calling Britney Mellen, Brittany Beattie and Ali Edwards “the girls”! :D) made me feel really comfortable.

Now that the interview is over, I am really starting to look forward to Vegas! JK is coming with me and we’re going to stay three extra days to go to Zion National Park…it should be an interesting transition from the Strip, eh?

:: Label Tulip ::

This is so cool – look here!

:: Noble Knob ::

Last summer before we moved to the Washington, I was flipping through an issue of Creating Keepsakes and saw a layout about hiking in the Seattle area. It mentioned Noble Knob, and I haven’t been able to get that name out of my head since! :P So JK, Bobs and I decided to go camping there for Labor Day weekend. On Sunday morning we got up early to catch the sunrise from the Knob, and our view of Mt Rainier was just amazing. The photos really don’t do it justice, but here goes:



Bobs did great on his first camping trip by the way – he was a wee bit nervous at night before we went into the tent, but he just snuck into JK’s sleeping bag and instantly fell asleep.

We haven’t seen any big animals on our hikes yet, but Bobs seems to have latent guard dog in him. In the middle of the woods on Tiger Mountain a couple of weeks ago, he suddenly refused to move forward and started growling really deeply. A woman we met later told us it was probably a bear since she saw them all the time up there and her dog reacted the same way, but we really couldn’t see anything – I’m thinking maybe it was just a raccoon. The second time Bobby’s inner big dog came to life was when we were hanging our bear bag on Noble Knob. We got to camp a little late so it was pitch black by the time we had finished eating, and Bobby started pacing back and forth, growling, and then let out one loud, sharp bark. After that he calmed down again, so whatever was out there probably left. Best little guard dog ever! :D


:: My Grandpa ::

I finally get to show you one of my favorite layouts! This was in the second issue of Vi Scrapper in a feature about vintage photos. I used these of me with my grandfather. I don’t have that many photos of us together, and in pretty much all of them we’re doing something silly (as evidenced by the fake noses and messed-up hair), but that just goes perfectly with how I remember him.


I know I always say this, but I am going to update this thing more often! I will I will I will. Yes yes.