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February 2008

Hiking, Scrapbooking

Ask and you shall receive

Yes, the sun has been out all week! After a couple of days of sun-on-face action, my body has kicked into happy springtime mode. Huzzah! I can’t complain when I can start every day by eating breakfast on the porch with Scabbers…


…but I would be even happier if I hadn’t sprained my ankle and could actually do stuff outside without looking like a complete arse:

Sprained ankle


Oh well, for now the fact that I even *want* to get out and do stuff is making me happy. I’ve come such a long way since last year. Now I just need my ankle to heal so I can start getting into shape for hiking season – all the hikes on my to-do list (I know, I’m such a nerd) seem to have wicked elevation gain…this does not bode well for my fear of heights!

Since this post is all over the place anyway, I’ll add this photo of JK from last weekend (pre-sprain) just because I think it’s cool.

Snowshoeing @ Gold Creek Basin

…and the first layout I’ve made in ages! This was for Scrappedugnad this week – not the most exciting layout ever, but the journaling is important to me (and private, so I won’t post it here. So there!):

Walking back to happiness


Why I love JK (part 167)

Ok, so February has one redeeming feature – Valentine’s Day. I usually don’t give a flying crap about Valentine’s Day, but this year I really needed a pick-me-up – thankfully, JK never lets me down.

I hereby present….the cutest Valentine’s Day card ever made!*

Valentine from JK

Valentine from JK - inside

*at least the cutest of those containing bear scat, surely.


I hate February…

…which is why I’m being so quiet. Stupid weather.

And I stepped in a huge, steaming pile of poo in the dog park today.


I am officially in hibernation until the sun is out to stay.