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October 2008


Happy Halloween!

I’ve never been big on Halloween, basically because a) I wasn’t raised in the U.S. and b) we don’t have kids yet. I’m sure that gene will kick in once I have a tiny little human I can dress up. I could dress Bobby up, but I try to save his costume humiliation for Christmas… :D

Nevertheless, here is a Halloween layout and an Autumn layout. ‘Cause it’s just that time of year.


This one is for a color challenge in Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class, and I blatantly stole Nichol Magouirk’s embellishment idea:


Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Hiking

Snow & Gem Lake

Saturday was our monthly “anniversary” – yes, we celebrate the 25th of every month because we started dating on March 25, 2001 – we remember this date every single month, yet we both managed to forget our wedding anniversary this year. Yup. Anyway, it was our 7 year and 7 month anniversary, so we headed out on a hike (huzzah, finally!) to celebrate. We needed something close and easy (after weeks and weeks of utter laziness), so we decided to go to Snow Lake and Gem Lake.

Huzzah! My boys in fall colors

Snow Lake is probably the most popular hike in the Snoqualmie Pass area, so after hearing stories about the huge crowds, we didn’t want to do this one during the summer. I didn’t actually want to do it at all, but then it hit me that it must be this popular for a reason. It is. You get incredible views (and probably a good swim in the summer) for minimal effort – 11 miles and 2500 feet of elevation gain round trip to Gem Lake.

Snow Lake

Most people stop at Snow, so we hiked on to Gem Lake and had lunch there all by ourselves. Perfection!

Gem Lake

Bobby was happy to be out in the mountains again:

Gingerbread Man vs Puma

We brought a special anniversary treat with us! Kvikk Lunsj is the official (well, not really, but kind of) Norwegian hiking chocolate bar – we’ve kept this one in our fridge since we came back from Norway, waiting for a hike where it wouldn’t melt. I have shown impressive self-restraint knowing it was in our fridge all this time and not eating it, seriously. It’s so good. Anyway, we finally got to devour this bad boy yesterday, and man alive was it heavenly. Whenever I eat this chocolate, I get all these little flashbacks from ski trips when I was little. Sitting in the Easter sun eating Kvikk Lunsj and oranges….mmm. I think I’ll have to look for some old photos of these trips and some new ones and make a Kvikk Lunsj scrapbook page.

These are a few of my favorite things...

I love living here (even though Kvikk Lunsj are scarce) :D

By the way, the albums I showed in the last post (and the divided page protectors) are from We R Memory Keepers.

Albums, Scrapbooking

Huzzah for 12×12

I am still not over how cool it is for me to use 12×12 albums. I made a couple 12×12 layouts when I first started scrapbooking, but soon realized that 8.5×11 was more my thing, so I just stuck with that. Now that I have these new albums, however, I am totally obsessed with the freedom of mixing page sizes. Combined with the whole Library of Memories system, this has made scrapbooking fun for me again.

Andre & Ellie

There were so many photos from Andre and Ellie’s wedding that I wanted to have in my album, so I had a bunch of 4×6 photos developed with a white border and put them in a divided page protectors (from We R Memory Keepers). Anything that gets my photos of the computer and into the real world is fun, no? I love the absolute laziness of it; anyone could do this in five minutes.

Lazy 4x6 scrapbooking :o)

Here’s the back (I added some photo descriptions on a 4×6 piece of cardstock):

The back

I wanted a place to keep all the memorabilia, so I used one of the 12×12 folders from a CK Kit of the Month as the base for my layout and snuck the invitation, save the date card and menu (Andre & Ellie’s wedding was all vegan and the food was fantastic) into the folder.

Invitation inside the folder

Some of the random layouts that finally have a home now that I am using 12×12 albums: one of the first layouts I made (before found my style…) and the page JK made the time I forced him to scrapbook – how cute is that?? Almost better than the Valentine’s Day card I got this year:

Old layout Layout by JK!!

I’ve also added pages that other people have sent me, like this super-cool one made by Ania from when we were teaching at Papirfest (I miss you guys!), and have embraced the opportunity to use really weird page protectors like this “hinged” one I used for the party layout (Design Your Life classmates: this page protector can make jumping the gutter feel less traumatic!):

Layout made by Ania Weird, hinged page protector

Last, but absolutely not least – the albums (from We R Memory Keepers) look pretty freakin’ cute on my shelf. :o)

Thank you for all the kind words and virtual baked goods after my last post – I am happy to announce that I am back to my happy healthy self again. I went to the gym today for the first time since…uhm…some time before the Enchantments. My muscles and lungs don’t like me very much right now, but it felt really good to move again after being sick for so long. I also took Bobby for a looong walk yesterday so we could pee on fire hydrants (him) and take in all the Autumn colors (me). Hopefully the weather will stay good so we can breathe in some fresh mountain air this weekend!

Oh, and speaking of the gym – am I the only one who thinks Seth Rogen looked much hotter when he was “fat”?



I am so bitter right now. Naively believing that I was out of the woods flu-wise, we planned a trip, well, into the woods. We were going larch huntin’. I tried to ignore the fact that I was feeling worse and worse on Friday, but then I woke up today with an awesome fever and a perfectly congested head.



Tea and sympathy (and baked goods) are encouraged.

Layouts, Scrapbooking

Mucusless and fever free

I finally kicked the flu! Huzzah! We’re looking forward to finally getting out on a hike this weekend even though it will most likely feel horrible after weeks of lardy sofa spudness.

Anyway, until anything more interesting happens, here is the first of my layouts for week two of Design Your Life. I have to say, I have never spent this much time on a layout before. All that cropping and aligning (all in vain; my paper trimmer is officially crooked as one of Bobby’s hind legs) took forever. Not to mention the fact that a double 12×12 spread is freakin’ huge.

It looks better in real life since the silvery shimmer in the cardstock reflected weirdly in the photo and you can’t really see the transparent embellishments (I love those things, they’re from the September CK Kit of the Month). Oh, and I had a brain fart and forgot that it is called a reception in English, not a party. Bah. Alright, enough excuses:

The party

A clarification about fixing older layouts, like I mentioned in my last post: I’m talking about the layouts I made quite a few of when I was just starting out, following what was in style back then…one photo of something random, a bunch of paper flowers and no journaling or anything that would tell the person looking through the album what the page was about. I’m either adding something (mostly journaling that would help the page make sense), removing something (embellishments that take the focus away from the photos – this sometimes happened when I was on product-specific design teams), or, in the really grim cases, moving the entire layout into an album in my closet that I’m calling a crapbook. Hah.

The designing part of scrapbooking is just for me, to enjoy it right now. Just because it’s fun. Otherwise I would just use a regular photo album. But I want to be able to look back on my albums when I’m old and grey and rather have fewer albums with more substance than shelves full of layouts that don’t mean anything to me.

Oh, and the hiking pages? I’ve decided that since it is such an important hobby *cough*obsession*cough* for us, it should permeate all the album categories. Easy dayhikes and trails we do over and over again = things we do. Backpacking trips = places we go. Pages about overcoming some sort of hiking-related challenge or why we love doing it = all about us.

Alright, enough about that already. Sorry that I’m rambling on about this again, but when I’m down in the dumps and feel like I can’t control what’s going on in my life, I tend to react by microorganizing something like this. It makes me feel much, much better. :)