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We’ve entered monsoon season here in Seattle, and even though I’ll admit the weather has been surprisingly good so far this November (then again we live on a hill and didn’t get flooded), it’s still getting harder to get up in the morning. In the spirit of staying positive, here’s a list of randomness that’s making me happy right now.

The Great Northern Double huzzah!
Snoqualmie Falls roaring after the storm | Obamarama

1 ) The election: wow, have I really not updated since the election? See, it’s getting harder to do stuff. Anyway, we had a wee party to follow the election results and there were huzzahs all around. Even though I’ve spent most of my life in Norway, I’ve managed to be in the U.S. for three presidential elections – 1992 (success!) when my family lived in New Jersey, 2004 (FAIL) when JK and I were going to school in California, and 2008 (great success!) now that we’re being all grown up and stuff in Washington.

2 ) The holidays:
I absolutely love Christmas, and now that we live in the U.S. I absolutely love Thanksgiving. Anything that gives me an excuse to start celebrating earlier. This past weekend Tom and Amy hosted their annual Fakesgiving Feast. Since so many people in this area are transplants who go home to wherever for real Thanksgiving, Fakesgiving gives everyone a chance to celebrate together here. And to eat twice as much.

Fakesgiving Tea break
The Fakesgiving table | Candy Cane Lane

3 ) Candy Cane Lane: this is the best tea ever. Trust me. Try it.

4 ) My happy lamp – I’ve been talking about buying one of these for years, and I finally got around to it last week. It is amazing. It ACTUALLY WORKS.

5 ) Ingrid Michaelson: we finally got to see her live last week. I love her. I just want her to come live with us so she can entertain me all day. I think JK has a crush on her too, so it would totally work.

Ingrid Michaelson!

6 ) More music: Me and Armini by Emiliana Torrini (Birds is my favorite song at the moment) and Winter Songs, a Christmas compilation from The Hotel Cafe.

7 ) Idea books: Quick & Easy Photo Albums is freakin’ awesome – even if you’re not a scrapbooker. I am so full of ideas after reading this!

I’m also really looking forward to Month by Month Scrapbooking by Amanda Probst – I love Amanda’s style and I’ve been waiting for this one a long time!

Ok, this one isn’t actually an idea book but rather a collection of humorous scrapbooking tales: Snippets by the awesome Lain Ehmann. To whom it may concern, I want this one for Christmas!

8 ) CKC Seattle: I got to take two perfect classes with Stacy Julian on Friday (ugh, I am really starting to feel like a stalker) and met some great people (*waves in case they’re reading this*). I love CKC.

Stalking Stacy :o)

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