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August 2009


Come sail away

Hello Tahoma

Just to show that we do in fact participate in non-hiking activities once in a while (although I do tend to stay attached to the couch for most of the day, cough cough), here are some photos from Tuesday afternoon.

Captain Andreas

We’re lucky enough to have a great friend who just happens to be a member of a sailing club so he can whisk melting Norwegians out on the lake during heatwaves. Thank you, Cap’n Andreas!

Yeah, that’s right – another heatwave. Luckily this one is not as hot and not as short as the absolutely brutal, suffocating scorcher we had in July, but I say it’s still a good excuse to get out on the water. Sailing is fantastic, especially when my only jobs on the boat are to relax and to duck when big beams come flying directly at me (that’s what she said).

Back pain update – I’m feeling so much better after taking some codeine (left over from the wisdom tooth extraction), stretching and going for a swim. I think the painkillers let my back muscles relax enough to loosen up whatever it was that was hurting so much. I went to the doctor today and he gave me permission to go backpacking (huzzah!) as long as I bring drugs (huzzah!) and don’t carry too much weight (huzzah huzzah huzzah!) – he thinks the back pain will subside within a couple of days, so I hope that’s true.

I really need to start doing some sort of core-strengthening program so this won’t happen again. Maybe it’s time to get back on the yoga mat.

Jumping ship

Hike-a-thon, Hiking, Mount Rainier

Back in the saddle again

Ugh, so I ended up staying home all of last week with a cold and have spent this week being all gimpy with a tweaked muscle or nerve or something in my back – this should make the finishing the Hike-a-thon interesting!

Big Tahoma Pretty pretty meadow

Luckily I was feeling good enough on Sunday to go for a dayhike, but between two missed backpacking trips and one missed midweek hike, It will be a reach for my to hit 100 miles before the end of August.

I refuse to get stressed out about the mileage and ruin my favorite hobby, so we enjoyed our mellow hike to Upper Palisade and Hidden Lakes in Mount Rainier National Park. It was a free entrance weekend so we expected to see hordes of hikers, but we were mostly alone once we got past the first lake. This was a six-lake day for us in total, but I didn’t get to swim since I had just been sick. Boo! JK jumped in two of them while I soaked up the sun, smelled the flowers, and watched the pikas (and a fox!) – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Washington!

The GPS said we hiked 9 miles for a total of 37 so far this month. Do you think I’ll make it to 100..?

37 miles down, 63 to go

Full set of photos


Digital dabbling

About a week ago Christina left a comment here, so I moseyed on over to her blog to look at her pages. I was so inspired; not only does she have a lot of camping and hiking layouts (yay!), but they’re so fresh and full of life! Since I’ve been a bit bored with my simple layouts lately, I decided to try to make an 8×8 page inspired by Christina’s style.

Turning lemons into lemonade

I had a lot of fun making this one, it was refreshing to not just follow my same old structure. I think I am going to keep this up for all my hiking layouts from this year to make a little 8×8 album, I fell in love with that size when I made my desert scrapbook this spring.

Digital was definitely the way to go for this one as I could do it all while my sick self was planted firmly on the couch. Luckily, said sickness seems to be disappearing very quickly; the fever is gone and my throat is almost back to normal. This is very good news for our weekend plans, so now I am just crossing all crossable limbs in the hope that the weather will cooperate – I am very excited about this trip!

Ok, this is driving me crazy – I couldn’t decide whether to put “making lemons into lemonade” or “turning lemons into lemonade”. Hrmf. If you feel strongly either way (the rest of The Intertubes seems to be undecided), let me know so I can change it before printing. Aah, the joys of digital scrapbooking!

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Hike-a-thon, Hiking

Under the weather

The shores of Melakwa I’ve been feeling like crap these last couple of days, but on Sunday afternoon I decided that the only thing that could possibly make me feel better was to go hiking. My head had been heavy and pounding for days, so I figured some fresh air, exercise and maybe a refreshing swim would help.

I dragged JK away from his FIFA game and we drove up to Snoqualmie Pass to revisit one of my favorite places, Melakwa Lake. JK had never been to the upper lake before, so I figured it would be a good place for us to go swimming.

The weather looked rather ominous as we hiked up to the lakes, but we were spared the predicted torrential downpour (Mother Nature was nice enough to save that for today) and even caught some glimpses of that big, glowing orb in the sky.

Alpine nutria

Since we started late (2 PM) we met hordes of people going down as we were hiking up, but by the time we made it up to the upper lake a little under two hours later, we had it all to ourselves. JK, Wellie and I jumped into the upper lake while Bobby hid under our backpacks, and then we ran to the lower lake so we could swim in that one too. Brrr!

By the super-sekrit waterfall

We enjoyed a marvelously healthy lunch of JK’s homemade, Norwegian-style cinnamon buns (and biscuits for the Italians) and watched a pair of pikas frolicking in the talus field before reluctantly heading back down to the car.

On the way we found a side trail and stumbled across a waterfall we hadn’t seen before – I wish we had known about it during the heat wave since jumping into that little pool would have been absolutely heavenly when it was over 100 degrees outside… Yet another reason to love this hike!

Unfortunately I have spent today inside the house with a fever, sore throat and entertaining myself with some epic sneezing (seven times in a row!!), so it turns out that there was a reason why my head felt all heavy and fuzzy this weekend. If I had known I was getting sick, I would have been smart enough to not swim yesterday. Oh well!

So fresh so clean (so cold)

Hopefully I’ll get better soon so I can get some more miles in for the Hike-a-thon, I’m a bit behind now since we didn’t get to go on the backpacking trip we had planned this weekend – now it really will be a challenge to get to 100 miles! I’m crossing my fingers for better weather (and less sneezing!) next week so I can get out a lot.

Melakwa Lake added 9 miles to the list, for a total of 28. Only 72 miles to go!

28 miles down, 72 to go!

House, Me

A house is not a home

Depression isn’t something you just suddenly snap out of; for me it’s been more of a gradual awakening. For every week that goes by my head feels a little bit clearer, my soul a little bit lighter, and I am starting to feel like I really want to participate in the world again. I feel like I wasted age 18-25 and now I just want to make up for everything that I missed.

After years of not caring about much of anything at all, I’m trying to put the pieces of my life back together.

Animals in our house

One of the big things for me is to make our little townhouse feel more like a home, so we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks decluttering and organizing stuff. Now that I feel less cluttered as a person, I want our house to reflect that as well. Oh, and it would also be nice to be able to have people over without having to spend an hour cleaning first. Yeah…

Now that we have some progress in our living room, I decided to take some photos. The fact that I now keep the blinds on our windows completely open feels oddly significant (please stop me if I sound like a self-help book); I used to keep them shut all the time and just hide in my dark little cave.

Living room

I just got the new IKEA catalog in the mail and I think a shopping trip is in order (have I mentioned how much I hate shopping). I want to put a little bookshelf in the corner between the fireplace and the stairs to help contain the ever-growing mess that is my library – I’ve been good and very strict and am selling/donating all the books except my all-time favorites and the ones I know I am going to read again, but we still don’t have enough shelf space.

Couch potato view

If we can fit it in our ridiculously narrow living room, I also want a comfy chair that would complete a circle around our coffee table. Now it just feels so tv-centric.

Long and skinny

It feels so nice and light and airy in here now, I love it! My next project will have to be to make the bedroom feel the same way so we can wake up and feel good about ourselves every morning. Unfortunately this means going through the imposing mountain of ill-fitting clothes that is taking up all the space in my closet and sorting them for trash and donation. Bah!