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Larch Week, Part Three: Blue Lake

After fifteen minutes or so of driving in the dark (stopping on the way to gawk at the outline of the mountains surrounded by stars), we found the Lone Fir Campground and were shocked by how many people were there – we thought we would be the only ones stupid enough to go camping on such a butt-numbingly freezing weekend.

We don't want to leave

We found a site (right next to the bathrooms, it would make the nocturnal calls of nature easier to bear in the cold) and got a campfire started as fast as possible. Then we lingered in front of said fire for three whole hours, chatting, eating soy dogs and generally enjoying the feeling of warmth.

Best campfire evarz

The night was surprisingly comfortable; in fact I have never slept so well in a tent before. We brought several tons of extra blankets, but in the end, all it took was an extra sleeping bag and a real pillow for me to feel nice and toasty and sleep through the night.

Lawg Just hangin' out Happy husband

In the morning we spent another four hours in front of the campfire before finally peeling our butts off the camping chairs and heading out on an easy, relaxing and very scenic hike to Blue Lake. Excellent views for minimal effort, and we got a good look at the route Carlos climbed up Liberty Bell in August.

Liberty Bell & Early Winters Spires

I think this was my favorite weekend of the entire year (so far!). It was great to finally hang out with Carlos again, and to hike with Tom, Tisha and Steve, even though we ended up camping separately. Add a feast of larch trees and a bunch of lakes, and that’s pretty much my recipe for pure happiness. The campfire didn’t hurt either, I am officially a car camping convert. Big thanks to all my fellow larch hunters for making this such a memorable week!

We like larches, yes we do

Best weekend of the year!

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  • Reply Sosa October 19, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    For noen fantastiske bilder!
    Har lenge sittet og studert bildene dine og det ser ut til at du bor i nærheten av et paradis :) Utrolig flotte steder dere går turer :) Noterer meg bak øret at jeg må innom denne staten når jeg reiser til USA om ikke så altfor mange år ;)

  • Reply Ania October 20, 2009 at 3:54 am

    Ooh digger redesignen av bloggen!! :) Og som alltid…bildene og historiene dine får meg til å ønske jeg også kan gå på tur rundtomkring der :D

  • Reply Yasmin October 22, 2009 at 6:37 am

    I’ve just discovered your blog, and it quite a little gem! You have some breathtaking photos.
    Looking forward to reading (:

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