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Of course the second I started bragging about how happy I was, the whole Bobby thing happened and I was knocked down a few pegs. I spent Halloween feeling pretty down and worried about him, so I had a hard time enjoying the festivities – even though we carved our first pumpkins (ever! Halloween didn’t exist in Norway when we were growing up) and baked these magnificent finger cookies (eeew):

Pumpkin carnage Eeeeew

Bobby is doing better, but is still very lethargic and generally not himself – but he’s still enough of a gentleman to tell me to say thank you for all the well wishes!

Anyway, it was becoming increasingly clear that I needed some outdoor time, especially when the weather on Sunday defied the forecast and provided both sun and blue skies. We couldn’t leave poor Bobs alone at home all day and go for a real hike, so we drove to Tiger Mountain for a quick trail run with Wellie.

Slowy Gonzales

Once again we proved that the combination of sun/fresh air/endorphins is absolutely magical and beats any sort of drug, and once again I proved that I am in absolutely horrendous shape. Still, I loved it so much that we went running on Monday too, in the Redmond Watershed Preserve which is relatively close to our house. So much nicer than running on asphalt. Or a treadmill.

Blair Witch sighting We didn’t want to carry our big, heavy lump of an SLR while running, so we decided to try our new compact camera, a Panasonic Lumix TS1 (yes it really is that orange).

I’ve been wanting a compact camera so I can take more photos when we’re out with friends and I don’t feel like bringing a suitcase-sized purse for my camera, so we figured we should go for a waterproof (good for photos of Wellie swimming) and shockproof (good for downhill skiing where we will inevitably take quite a few splendid spills) version. I’m underwhelmed by the results so far, but I guess I should at least attempt to read the manual and not base my judgment solely on photos from a dark forest before I talk smack about the camera. Either way I have to stop expecting SLR-type results from the tiny little thing.

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  • Reply DianeH November 3, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    We are beach and water lovers here in Australia so I did the same thing…the underwater shock proof camera is a hit with my kids!!! SLR’s and sand dont really mix :(

  • Reply Delia November 5, 2009 at 5:27 am

    I have the same camera, and must agree.. not impressed… and I have read the manual… colour is not as bright and crisp as I think a lot of other similar compact cameras give.

  • Reply Bosch tankless water heater reviews May 23, 2011 at 3:21 am

    This really answered my drawback, thanks!

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