Another weekend, another cabin

Since 2010 is turning into the Year of Cabin Trips, we kept the tradition going by spending the weekend in and around Washington Alpine Club’s Guye Cabin by Snoqualmie Pass. The cabin is much bigger and fancier than I expected it to be – if we didn’t have two annoying little dogs (naah, I like ’em), we would probably spend quite a few nights up there.

Guye Cabin

Anyhoo, the objective of the weekend was to learn about avalanche rescue (and, more importantly, avalanche avoidance) and snow shelters as part of the WAC’s Winter Backcountry Travel class. It was a very fun, informative, and inspiring (as in I will do anything I possibly can to avoid having to dig my friends’ lifeless (most likely) bodies out of the snow) weekend. I’m glad I’m taking an avalanche class this early in my snow travel career, before I’ve had time to do anything really stupid.

Other noteworthy happenings this weekend: the sun was out. We needed sunglasses. And sunscreen. Hells yeah!

Working on the railroad Success! Guys and Guye

We didn’t walk around much this weekend, which suited my gimpy foot perfectly. All the resting seemed to have helped, so on Monday I decided to join JK for our regular three-mile dog walk around the neighborhood. My foot cooperated nicely until mile 1.5, when all hell broke lose. At that point I didn’t really have much choice but to finish the loop (in hindsight I should have ignored my overzealous, cabin fever-ridden soul and chosen a shorter route to begin with), so I grumpily limped back home.

Two more days of rest and icing later, and it’s feeling better again. I’ve also made a conscious decision to be less pissy about the situation since that’s not going to help me, my foot, or the poor fools I interact with on a daily basis. I’ll also take the grumpiness as a good sign, since it means I actually want to be active – a big improvement on the couch-loving Ingunn of yesteryear.

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  • Reply Bob Yoder March 5, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    I like your site and subject. Great pictures. Brings me back to my days in the mountains. Would you like to occaisionally be a guest columnist in my new publication? I’m revamping to WordPress, going nonprofit and have good community support. I’d love to find someone who likes to write strories about hiking and advernturing in Greater Redmond.

    Bear Creek, Harman wetlands, Watershed Presserve, X-country skiing in the winter. and logging into your “personal journal” whatever sights you see a long the way…like this art. Bob Yoder 425-802-2523. Dog hiking too!

  • Reply Jo March 11, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    Ooh, cool response above. When you’re a famous Redmond writer can I say I knew you when? ;^)

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