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The T stands for torture

Wait, this isn't sand!In an effort to a) get in better shape (so I can go on our summer backpacking trips without throwing up my lungs) and b) keep the blues away, we’ve decided to start hiking with TNAB again. Yes, the Thursday Night Afterburners, a motley crew of mountain renegades who run up trails at ridonculous speeds while normal people are sitting on their couches eating ice cream and watching The Office.

Our first post-Hawaiʻi (yes, Hawaiʻi! More about that later when I get my photos up…) TNAB destination was Rattlesnake Mountain East Peak. We’ve been to Rattlesnake Ledge a dozen times or so, but this was the first time we ventured beyond the ledges. Since we got a late start, we summited after the main group had already started descending, but we all reconvened at the Pour House in North Bend for Blue Moons afterwards.


Next up was Bandera Mountain. This was my third time up this trail since September, and I am growing rather fond of it. I’ll have to go back some time in July when the beargrass is out.

It must be Thursday night... The sun always shines on the S-Team

Anyhoo, the sun was shining and I was wearing shorts for the entire hike, which made me happy enough to almost forget about my racing heart and seizing muscles. Once we hit the snow line, JK raced ahead while I followed at a more leisurely pace. It was still 30 minutes faster than when we went in February, so I’ll count it as progress!

*huff* *puff* Wellie in his mountaineering jammies

The sunsets are what really make TNAB hikes stand out, and we were treated to quite a doozy as we started hiking back to our cars. The combination of great views, strenuous exercise, sunshine, beer, fresh air and great people = natural Prozac. Mission accomplished, at least for a couple of days. :o)

At day's end

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  • Reply Libby May 17, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Hi Ingunn,

    Sounds like a wonderful hike and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors midweek. And yes, that sunset would make all the pain worthwhile :-). Can’t wait to hear/see more about your Hawaii trip – I was totally caught off guard when I saw your post on facebook :-)


  • Reply Ania May 18, 2010 at 12:10 am

    Ooh Hawaii!! Digg! Flotte og herlig lokkende bilder som alltid :D

  • Reply Ingunn May 18, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I’m too paranoid to post about vacations on the intertubes beforehand! :o) I’m having a hard time going through the photos as well, there are just too many. Gaah!

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