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Hot, hung-over hike with our hound

We spent the weekend camping at Penrose Point State Park for our friend Tom‘s birthday, so we figured since we were already down south, we might as well go to Mount Rainier for a hike. Except dogs aren’t allowed on National Park trails. Bah!

We have a favorite dog-friendly hike right outside of the park, Noble Knob, but since our fellow hung-over hikers had already been there, we decided to go to Sourdough Gap and Sheep Lake instead. The trailhead is literally seconds away from the park entrance at Chinook Pass.

Scramblin' Wellie JK and Wellie in Sheep Lake

Since we had to forgo the classic National Park hikes because of the little bastard, here’s a bunch of photos of Wellie on the trail. Seeing how deliriously happy it makes him to hike makes it worth a little bit of sacrifice.

Wet Wellie

We were in the middle of the heatwave, so even Wellie seemed to enjoy cooling off in Sheep Lake. He jumped in over and over again (to save us, I guess), so he must at least hate the water a little less than before. He’s also slightly less awkward when he swims. Progress!

Adi, Ingunn, the Wellster, JK, Mike

Sourdough Gap | 7 miles | 1000 feet elevation gain –

Wellie on speed I luvs hikin!

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  • Reply Libby August 18, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Awe… love the photos of Wellie. It was definitely worth the sacrifice :-)


  • Reply Renea Gamm June 11, 2011 at 2:38 am

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