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Teanawow, part deux

We’re in full-on summer mode here in Washington. Ok, so we spent 4th of July at a ski resort, but still. It’s summer. My skin has even acquired a vaguely pinkish hue which, given my viking complexion, will have to pass for a tan.

Campsite patrol

Teanaway tent

Last weekend (not the holiday weekend – I’m behind on photos as usual), JK, Wellie and I camped in the Teanaway and got our first real taste of Summer 2011…and an even better taste of a Norwegian campfire classic, stick bread. I’ll blog about it later so y’all can partake.


On Sunday we rolled out of camp at the crack of noon to hike up Bean Peak. Mmm, beans…I’m thinking of making a Favorite Foods Peak List, but so far I only know of Bean Peak and the Chocolate Glacier. Hopefully there’s an Avocado Ridge out there somewhere.

Happy hiking hound

Wellie on the rocks

Anyhoo, we hiked up to the basin and scrambled up the southeast ridge. There were two moves that really got my heart pumping, but then again I am a certified weenie. I’m always anxiously picturing the worst possible outcome of any given situation.

The fun bit We loved this rock Almost there

Thankfully the rock was nice and grippy, and I know that every time I push myself like this, I’ll be just that little bit stronger and braver next time.

Bean squishy

After a snack and some oohing and aahing over the views, Wellie and I had ourselves a good, old-fashioned summit snooze. Pure bliss.

Summit snooze

We spent over an hour on the summit, then decided to descend the easier southwest gully. Unfortunately it ended up being much harder than the way up due to melting moats and very steep snow.

It didn’t help that we, being dumbasses, had left our hiking poles at the base of the southeast ridge and our ice axes stashed safely in the car. I got to do my first ever face-in downclimb with nothin’ but my bitten-down talons for purchase on the snow. I wish I had a photo of it, but I snapped angrily at JK when he tried to pull the camera out mid-climb.

Back across Bean Creek

As terrifying (I told you, I’m a weenie) as that downclimb was, it didn’t take long before I longed to go back and do it again. When we were snailing along in I90 vacation traffic on the way back to civilization, there was nothing I wanted more than to (grab my ice axe and) run for the hills.

Bean Peak | 6.5 miles | 3100 feet elevation gain –


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  • Reply Andrea July 8, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Hah! We descended Bean from the SW gully instead of the ridge route and hit the snow shelf I’m sure you guys did as well. We followed the moat to the end of the shelf and were able to get around the shelf. All of this with multi-day packs, which is always interesting in an unbalanced sort of way. :) But I do love Bean!

  • Reply Ewa July 9, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Stunningly beautiful place for a hike.
    I am very curious about stick bread. I think I would give up my paleo diet to try it. :)

  • Reply Lisa July 9, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    I don’t know what to gush over more: the ADORABLE puppy or the amazing views!

    I have googled this hike and although the rocky, scary incline scares me–I want to check out that campground!

  • Reply Laura @ First Class Great Outdoors July 12, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Another gorgeous hiking location! Despite the beauty, I would’ve been a “weenie,” too ;) I have to say, Wellie must be the most incredible hiker I’ve ever seen. How did he manage up the mountain?

    I’m excited to learn more about stick bread. I’m intrigued :)

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