Redmond Sun Run

I don’t post every run I do on the Powerline Trail in Redmond since it would get incredibly boring and repetitive (the posts, not the runs), but once in a while they’re just too great to ignore. I’ve realized (in spite of my perfidious thoughts last year) that I am incredibly lucky to live within a mile of several trails where I can run whenever I want and go for miles and miles without hitting pavement.

Shadows = SUNSHINE Feels like spring

Anyhoo, back to my run last Friday. There was sunshine. In early February. I wore a t-shirt! I discovered a new (to me) trail system off the Powerline. I experienced an endorphin rush so intense that it made me run much farther than I probably should have given my current physical shape…and I realized that if running is capable of giving me this kind of a buzz, I really need to do it more often. Maybe I really should sign up for a race, something to motivate me to get out on that Powerline Trail even now that the weather is back to its normal, dreary self. The Sun Mountain 25K in May, perhaps?

– Redmond Trails | 9 miles | 666* feet elevation gain –

I don't understand, mama

*well that can’t be a good sign.

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  • Reply Juliann February 18, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    That sunshine was wonderful wasn’t it? Now, today was a more typical Seattle day where I had to pull my headband up over my cap to keep it from flying off in the wind :)

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