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Little Si(gh)

I hate shopping. I like to say that I was born without the shopping gene, but anyone who knew me in high school would tell you that this isn’t true. My shopping gene is merely switched off, and it has been for years (coincidentally I think this happened around the time I gained several metric tons of weight and couldn’t find a single article of clothing I felt comfortable in). Now I abhor any sort of shopping – clothes, groceries, souvenirs, even hiking gear(!).

Anyhoo, my point is that when JK and our house guests decided to hit up the outlet mall in North Bend for a “quick” (YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!) shopping session, I decided to drag my arse to the nearest trailhead instead.

Mukmuk summits Small Si

Did I mention that I was hung over from our housewarming the night before? And that we had just eaten lunch at the greasy establishment that used to be (sort of) the Double R Diner? Well, these things bubbled and combined to explosively rocket me to the top of Little Si in record time. (Have I stumbled across the secret of TNAB’s afterburners?) A quick phone call to JK confirmed that I still had lots of time to kill, so I relaxed at the summit for a while and then chose a longer route, the Boulder Garden Loop, on the way down.

Little Si has never been a favorite of mine, but it sure as hell beats shopping.

Little Si and Boulder Garden | 5.5 miles | 1800 feet elevation gain –

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