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Happy Hoodlums

Is there anything better than meeting someone, hitting it off right away, and just knowing that you’ll be good friends? Why yes, yes there is – when you learn that those new friends have a family cabin in the mountains!

Isaac, Lauren, and various volcanoes

We would obviously adore these guys even without their excellently situated chalet, but they get bonus points for not only inviting us on our first voyage to Mount Hood, but somehow also scheduling a sunny Saturday in March.

Happy Hoodlums

A group of us gathered in the cabin in Government Camp, Oregon, to celebrate Lauren’s birthday, play board games, and eat damn good food (and lots of it).

We also took turns snuggling with the mascot of the trip (sorry, Mukmuk), a four month old little lady who is the easiest baby I have ever met (sorry, Nathan), and who spent the whole weekend probably giving us the wrong impression of what babies are actually like.

Asah suiting up

She even joined us, nestled in the Ergobaby, on our hike from Timberline Lodge to the top of the Palmer Chairlift, 8,500 feet. She slept the whole way, except when she was taken out of the carrier for a minute to put on her warm polar bear suit to protect against the stiff breeze near the top.

Getting breezy

The rest of us had to make do with our much less adorable wind shells. And we had to use our legs, which seems unfair, but was probably a good thing given the feast we proceeded to gorge ourselves on when we returned to the cabin.

Top of the Palmer lift

It was an excellent weekend indeed, thanks to our fellow cabineers, that gorgeous mountain, the creative cabin cookery, and of course our wonderful hosts.

– Palmer Lift | 4 miles | 2500 feet elevation gain –

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  • Reply Lisa March 18, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Your photos, as always, are amazing.

    I haven’t really done a lot of exploring around Timberline because so much of it is considered backcountry and I’m more of a “follow a trail” kind of hiker. One of these days with an experienced guide, I’d love to try though!

  • Reply Ingunn March 18, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    This was very straightforward, we just walked straight up! :) Are their marked snowshoe trails farther down the mountain? We were originally planning on going to Trillium Lake, but the weather was sooo good that we might as well go high up on the mountain…plus I really wanted to see the Timberline Lodge – now I have to watch The Shining again!

  • Reply jill i March 20, 2013 at 8:16 am

    Wow you hit a fantastic winter day on Hood! Love Timberline, grew up east of Portland and learned to ski on the mountain. Backpacked around the mountain on the Timberline Trail (or is called the Skyline Trail? Been a few years!) when I was a teenager, started and ended at the lodge and circumnavigated the mountain. Spectacular overnights at Elk Cove, Cloud Cap, and more. Been up to just below the summit at base of Crater Rock and skied back down to the lodge, and done lots of summer skiing on the Palmer Snowfield. Wonderfully situated new friends! Hope you get to enjoy many more hikes/outings on and around Hood.

  • Reply ARC March 21, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Wow, they did that hike with a 4 month old baby? That’s badass! I certainly wouldn’t survive that, let alone with a 15lb baby strapped to me ;)

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