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Going farther

…of course, “farther” is relative and I wouldn’t normally call ten miles a very long hike, but in the context of pregnancy (and not having done anything near that length since my frozen chanterelle traverse on Tiger Mountain last fall) my pre-hike anxiety brain turned those ten miles to Goat Lake and back into an epic undertaking, even with the modest elevation gain.

Peekaboo views

Turns out it wasn’t epic at all. In fact, it felt wonderful – the best I’ve felt on a hike this whole pregnancy – and I honestly didn’t want it to end. The grade was perfect and the trail so pretty, especially along the river on the lower trail, that I felt I could keep hiking forever. I guess this is the magic of the second trimester; at 22 weeks I am past the all-consuming fatigue of the first months, but not yet so huge that moving around is a pain in the ass.

22 weeks at Goat Lake

This was my first sort-of (and non-canine) Mother’s Day, and I was more than happy to let Lil’ Fetus take me hiking to celebrate. Our family has never celebrated Mother’s and Father’s Day (and they’re on different dates in Norway than in the U.S.), but if I can use it as an excuse to go hiking with my daughter, I’m all in. I think I’ll enjoy this tradition. Especially if there’s cake.

My snuggle buddies

Goat Lake | 10 miles | 1400 feet elevation gain –

Goat Lake

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