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Weekend highs and lows

Oh, Super Bowl. It was a hell of a game, but that ending…ugh. Beyond functioning as snark against the Patriots, the word ‘deflated’ really does sum up how we felt on Sunday night. And all day Monday. And a little bit today, to be honest, but I’ll blame that on the weather.

On Saturday, before the monsoon began, the weather looked pretty different. In fact it looked like June up in the mountains along I90. The Ira Spring trailhead parking lot was overflowing as if it were a hot summer day (but who cares about crowds when most of the hikers are wearing 12th Man jerseys)! The forest road is, as expected, pretty awful right now, but apparently Nora thought she was riding in a giant Mamaroo and kept sleeping until we reached the trailhead.


We really shouldn’t have been able to schlep an infant to Mason Lake in January at all, normally those hillsides are covered in huge amounts of unstable snow. Yet there we were, comfortable hiking all the way to the lake on bare trail. I have never seen this little winter snow in Washington before.

Mason Lake

The only uncomfortable bit was right at the lake, where we were hit with some sort of evil wind that seemed to pick up an arctic chill from the lake and blast it right at us. Of course this happened just as Nora made it very clear that she was in need of some milk and her very first al fresco diaper change.

Hello Tahoma

Between a foam sleeping pad, a puffy jacket, and using our bodies as shields, we were able to keep her nice and toasty, but the lakeside was no place to linger with a wee one in tow.

So this is...January??

Even without a relaxing lakeside lunch, it felt great to get out for some exercise. I don’t think all the little stabilizers around my joints are back to normal yet (it could be some lingering relaxin hormone, too), but apart from that, I feel like my old self, at least physically – 97% of my mental capacity is perpetually concerned with Nora.

The remaining three percent is split between wondering where I can get my next hit of chocolate, and trying to understand what the hell that last play of the Super Bowl was about.

It's us again!

Mason Lake | 6.5 miles | 2400 feet elevation gain –

Seahawks, thanks for an amazing season. You’re totes still the bestest.

Go Hawks!

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  • Reply ARC February 3, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Your Ergo is awesome – I really wanted that one, but couldn’t justify buying a second one since we had a perfectly good one for T already ;)

    And I’m with you on feeling bummed about that ending.

    • Reply Ingunn February 3, 2015 at 6:30 pm

      I know, the stars are so purdy! It was one of the first baby items I bought. <3

  • Reply jill i February 10, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    I can’t believe how bare that trail to Mason Lake is! This winter is insane, truly the driest winter I remember, with the possible exception of 1977. Before you were probably born even. We couldn’t ski that year until…February. And it’s Feb now, so maybe this is worse. Does not bode well for summer water supply, drought conditions, forest fires, etc. But a little bit of me is relishing the relatively mild days.

    Big bummer about the Super Bowl! We’re trying to forget and move on. Did you see the Everywhereist blog post about it? Brilliant!

    Every done the Cat Creek Loop off the Gray Wolf River trail up the Dungeness watershed on the North Olympic Peninsula? (see my latest blog post). Just wonder if others have had a better experience there. Happy trails this summer and enjoy introducing your sweet Nora to NW trails.

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