A Chocolate Hiatus

The Adventure Baby Boost Challenge started yesterday! The main focus for this week is, well, focus. Breathing, meditation. I hate that stuff, which probably means I need to do it. I decided to give it a try before bedtime to see if it would help calm that damn monkey mind that’s keeping me awake at night, but I wasn’t hugely successful. My mind was everywhere. Maybe it takes practice.

I’ve added an extra challenge into this whole thing, too. JK and I watched Fed Up on Friday. It’s available on Netflix now, and everyone should watch it, seriously. It made us both feel angry, sad, frustrated (now I know how they landed on that title), and, ultimately, motivated. It’s extra frustrating to me that I do know all this stuff already, but I still end up swimming in chocolate every day. I was so good at controlling my gestational diabetes – I was able to control my cravings during pregnancy, for Jebus’ sake, I should definitely be able to now! To see if we can, JK and I both decided to take the Fed Up Challenge, which means no sugar or processed food for ten days. No chocolate! Eeep!

I woke up yesterday feeling like I was coming down with something, which I am hoping (and wishing, and thinking, and praying) were actually, pathetically, withdrawal symptoms. That oughta tell you how much chocolate my body is used to getting. Hnngh. Normally I would just curl up into a ball and feel sorry for myself, but I wouldn’t be able to live down that lame of a beginning to the challenge, so instead I went down to the basement to work out the second I put Nora down for morning nap. I repeated sets of tricep dips, slide lunges, lateral raises, jump squats, and kettlebell deadlifts for 20 minutes. It’s short enough that it should be doable every day (I’m shooting for Mon/Wed/Fri), but long enough to get a good workout.

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I also went for a beautiful walk on the Powerline Trail with Nora. It was 77°F outside, so we both wore shorts and Nora had unsocked piggies. She even fell asleep on me for the first time in too long, which felt like heaven. It was an excellent time to practice that calm breathing. Can I call it walking meditation?

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  • Reply Helen M April 28, 2015 at 10:34 am

    Haha! Your sentence about breathing & meditation – that could have written by me – I swear that stuff ‘irritates’ me. My hubby bought me a book a few years back teaching yourself to ‘quiet your mind’ except I couldn’t clear my mind enough to concentrate on reading it!!! And if you’re trying to give up/cut down on sugar then check out the 21 Day Sugar Detox – there are some super awesome recipes (although it’s quite meat/dairy/eggs orientated – I wasn’t sure if your vegetarian or vegan?? – in which case maybe less helpful!!)

    • Reply Ingunn Markiewicz April 28, 2015 at 11:20 am

      Vegetarian! But this has made me realize that the rest of my diet is pretty good, I just need to cut that damn chocolate. So now I’ve reverted to my old gestational diabetes standby if I need a snack – a piece of fruit paired with some form of protein. Honestly, when I had GD I was probably the healthiest I’ve ever been, so I should probably just eat like that all the time.

      The only time I’ve been able to clear my mind while being still was after really hard Ashtanga classes back in the day, otherwise trail running/hiking is the best way for me to feel that kind of flow. Sitting still and meditating feels so forced!

  • Reply Ravyn April 29, 2015 at 7:38 am

    I just got home from the store … and bought chocolate for the first time in months. Great timing! ;) I’m right there with you … I know what I should do (or what should work) to clear my head and get focused, but I end up in bed each night reflecting on why I didn’t make it happen. Sigh. I also want to punch my pre-kid self for not doing more … man, I could have been soooo much more proactive!

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