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#TBT: St. John | Yawzi Point

On our last full day on St. John, we visited Yawzi Point for the first time. Holy smokes, y’all, what an amazing day of snorkeling.

The drive to Little Lameshur was pretty awful (it was nothing compared to the road to White Pocket, though…but more on that in a future #TBT post). You really should rent a Jeep if you visit St. John.

Little Lameshur

The preferred way to reach Yawzi Point is to hike the short trail out from Little Lameshur, but at this point in our vacation, I had such bad morning sickness that walking anywhere was out of the question. The only way I could get out there was to swim from the beach – feeding the fish, as it were, along the way. Luckily for me, the longer swim paid off – we saw an octopus, squid, and several Lionfish.

Little Lameshur

When we saw a Lionfish the year before, we called it into the Lionfish Hotline so someone could come take care of it, but these guys were already hanging out next to yellow markers. Read more about this invasive species here (you had me at “venomous anal spines”).


Octopuses changing color before your very eyes = the coolest.

Changing color

Yawzi Point was like an underwater paradise, full of healthy coral and huge fish. There’s a whole system of tunnels and caves that beg for exploration. I wish we had more photos, but after having focusing issues the entire trip, our underwater camera finally conked out that day. At least it happened on the last day.

One of many turtle friends

I didn’t freedive because a) I was pregnant, and depriving oneself of oxygen while gestating a tiny human is not a good move and b) because I truly suck at freediving. While JK and our friend Carlos explored the underwater caves, I snorkeled around the outer edges of the reef, finding much bigger fish than we had seen on our previous snorkels. This photo does a lousy job of conveying just how big this barracuda was, so you’re just going to have to trust me. I also saw two gigantic fish that I’m convinced were tuna, but I’m not sure they even have those in the Caribbean. Maybe they’re attracted to regurgitated starfruit.


After seeing all these big sea creatures, you would think I would be scared shitless when Carlos surfaced and yelled “Shark!!”, but instead, I got all excited and enthusiastically splashed my way over to him. The boys had found a nurse shark hanging out under one of the arches! Very cool. That officially made this our favorite day of snorkeling yet.

Our first nurse shark!

I’m a little bummed that it took us until the last day of our vacation to discover Yawzi Point. It is becoming increasingly clear that another return trip to St. John is in order. (Okay, fine, there was never any question about that.)

Little Lameshur

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