I slept!

I slept until 5 this morning! It was amazing! What a difference a little sleep makes – I feel excited about life again. The new thing I tried last night was to use white noise from Nora’s Mamaroo. Hopefully this wasn’t a one-time thing.

Since I actually had some energy again, it turned into a wonderful day. I manically cleaned the kitchen and living room in the morning, then took Nora for a two-mile walk on the trail before it got too hot. We also went to the playground so she could hit the swings and stare in awe at the older kids.

Monday Monday

Back home, I made lunch for both of us: Carib-bean (heh) stew, sauteed red spinach, avocado, and pear. Nora approved.

Between sprouting tons of teeth (she’s up to six now and is working hard on two more) and being in the process of dropping her third nap, Nora has been going to bed really early lately. Unfortunately this meant she missed out on our BBQ dinner…but huzzah, then JK and I could eat in front of the tv, like savages, while watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Monday Monday

I couldn’t go for a run tonight since JK is out playing soccer, so instead I futzed around in the garden for a bit and am currently out on the deck, enjoying a nice Chianti (no liver or fava beans) while processing photos.

In short, a perfect day in the life of a suburban homebody housewife. Life is good when you don’t feel like a zombie.

(And I didn’t even eat any chocolate!)

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  • Reply Samantha Welch June 22, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    I’m so happy you got a good night’s sleep! It’s amazing how much energy you have after just a few more hours of shut eye. I’m struggling again with my sleep over here…it sucks :( I just want to enjoy life with my kiddo. I’m hoping that it’s just temporary.

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