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Vacation Album Progress

JK and I have been lucky enough to go on lots of amazing vacations together (and some apart!), so I’m highlighting all of those big trips in one album – one two-page spread per trip. Some of these have also been documented in their own separate albums, but it’s really cool to have an overview of all our travels in one album. I want the photos and journaling to really bring back my favorite memories from each trip.

St. John

This one from St. John in 2013 was the first one I made. I made sure to mention Lana Del Rey in the journaling, because I was obsessed with her on this trip. The weird thing is that Art Deco, a song from her 2015 album, came on while I was writing this blog post, and even that took me back to the island. I guess her voice alone has the power to transport me to the Virgin Islands, even though this song came out years after the trip.

This was my all-time favorite vacation, so I’ve also made a photo book about it. I might actually make an entire I Love St. John album too, because I really do. Maybe after we return with Nora in tow?


This one is from our trip to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona with JK’s sister in 2008. It’s a scraplift of this page by Ali Edwards. Ali has slanted templates available for sale, they make it really easy to get the photos right! I also have an almost-finished 8.5×11 album from that trip that I made back in the day.

Southwest '09

The spread from our 2009 trip looks a little unbalanced; I made the left side before I had decided that every trip would be a two-pager, so then I just added on the right side this morning with these photos I found in my drawer. This trip is also documented in an 8×8 album. I love love love the simple design of that album, but sadly it is also unfinished. I sense a theme here – maybe I should host an album-finishing challenge in 2016? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there with poor, neglected, unfinished mini albums.

You had me at aloha

This last one is from our first trip to Hawaii in 2010. That wavy swoop was supposed to look much…swoopier, but I messed it up when I was cutting it. My x-acto knife skills are rusty. Oh well. Not only has this trip never been documented anywhere, but I never even finished processing the photos from it. That will have to be a project for a rainy day way off in the future. Until that day comes, this page will do.


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  • Reply solgunn November 19, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Jeg har alle feriebildene på Flickr og liker å se gjennom dem fra tid til annen (også ungene), men de vil nok aldri kommer inn i egne album. Jeg forsøkte PL på en reise til Australia, men akkurat som det ikke ble helt riktig å gjøre det sånn heller. Project Life er en enkel fremgangsmåte for å få system på bilde og scraps, men jeg har aldri likt 12×12 formatet og kunne ikke venne meg til det heller. Ideen med å ta favorittene og sette dem i et eget reisealbum likte jeg. Kanskje du skal lansere en slik bli-ferdig-med-album utfordring?

  • Reply Marie Worthing November 19, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    These pages are fantastic!!! (along with any others that I have seen of yours). I love your simple but beautiful style. Also a great idea to have a ‘highlights’ album … I can see showing this to friends that don’t want to sit through the hundreds of photos/pages that we as scrapbookers are inclined to take/make :) Absolutely wonderful!!!

  • Reply Serene November 22, 2015 at 5:32 am

    Just discovered you through the SC member gallery. Really love your style!

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