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Grandparents in Paradise

(I’m starting this blog post at 10:30 in the morning and NORA IS STILL ASLEEP, so at least one of us is over her jetlag and is catching up on lost zzz. The other is chugging as much coffee as pregnancy allows.)

Snowshoeing with grandma and grandpa

It feels kind of wrong to be writing about this trip in July, but since we haven’t quite hit those sweltering summer highs yet here in Seattle, I’ll take us back to the April snow on Mount Rainier.

I go for a Paradise snowshoe at least once a year, whether it’s a magical November jaunt above the clouds, a hike up to see the climbers’ basecamp at Camp Muir, or a freezing cold date with a new friend.

Snowshoeing with grandma and grandpa

Last year, we brought lil’ baby Nora for a very successful picnic at Glacier Vista, and this spring we wanted to repeat that success with the grandparents in tow. They had made their snowshoeing debut at Gold Creek Pond when they visited over Christmas, and apart from some grumbling about having to walk “straight uphill”, I think they enjoyed this outing too.

Paradise with the grandparents

Nora, however, was angry in a way only toddlers can be right off the bat. We figured it was just because she had missed her nap, but then we realized that it was because she did not in any way want to be in the carrier – she wanted to sliiiiide down the magical snow!

Snowshoeing with grandma and grandpa

So once we stopped at a spot that allowed for a relaxing lunch with a view for the adults while still providing a little hill where our little glissader could go crazy, she was very very happy.

Paradise with the grandparents

I can’t wait ’til she tries skiing!

Paradise with the grandparents

(Okay, now it’s 11 and Nora is STILL ASLEEP. This oughta make up for the fact that she was up for 19 hours straight when we flew home from Europe.)

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  • Reply CarrieH July 16, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Love your posts and love seeing that you are doing okay in the midst of pregnancy with a toddler in tow. I started following your site after seeing your layouts for Ali Edwards. Love your layouts, but your hiking history is such an inspiration to me. I have been slow to the game, but am working my way towards better health through hiking in our nearby mountains. I have no great aspirations, just want to feel better and not so out of breath as I try and go up the hills. Thanks for sharing your journey and I wish you well in this next stage of life.

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