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Margaret Lake

In a shocking turn of events, we have suddenly hiked so much that I’ve fallen behind on the blog! Anyone who has been following my struggles this summer will understand that this is excellent news indeed.

Margaret Lake 29 weeks

I thought we were one and done for the summer after our hike to Mirror Lake, but we managed to squeeze in a second trip to the mountains before the equinox. I picked Margaret Lake by Snoqualmie Pass, because I remember it as being ridiculously easy.

You would think I would know this by now, but “ridiculously easy” for normal Ingunn is not ridiculously easy for third trimester-Ingunn, especially on the kind of trail that has gravel on top of sand and threatens to blow one’s rickety pelvis to smithereens with the slightest slip. Still, it went well, I just need to remember to bring poles when I go hiking.

Margaret Lake

While I concentrated on walking, JK put in an absolutely heroic effort keeping our little nap-refuser happy in the carrier. Songs, moss, sticks, rocks, more songs, and a surprising wealth of late-season huckleberries did the trick.

Margaret Lake

Oh, and she loved Margaret Lake, of course. This little lady prefers lakes to peaks, just like her mom. Okay, so I assume all toddlers prefer bodies of water in which to throw rocks to boooring faraway views, but just let me have this moment of pride – this little JK-clone takes after meeee, too!

Margaret Lake

Margaret Lake | 6 miles | 1800 feet elevation gain –

Margaret Lake Margaret Lake

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