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Favorite Layouts // 2017

I’m forever trying to get back into blogging (yay resolutions season might help with that), so I figured a quick post about my ten favorite scrapbook pages this year would be a good way to ease into it. But now of course I’m having a hard time whittling it down to ten. It’s not that I think these are masterpieces or anything, it’s just that I reconnected with scrapbooking in a big way this year (thank you Ali Edwards and Story Camp!) and therefore have warm, fuzzy feelings about lots of my pages. I’ve also just scrapbooked way more than I ever have before.

(If you want to read the journaling on any of these, just click to embiggen. I’m far too lazy to write down the products I used for each of these, so if you’re wondering about anything in particular, just ask in the comments. Most of the products are from Ali Edwards since I am on her creative team.)

I haven’t shared much from this album yet, but I’m making a 12×12 mixed page size scrapbook that documents all the “cabin trips” we’ve gone on since Nora was born. 12×12 is still new to me and I don’t feel like I have a handle on it yet, but it’s been fun to play. Almost every cabin trip section starts with an opening page like this one that gives an overview of the trip.

Yachats opening page

Here’s the opener for the Sun Mountain trip:

Sun Mountain

Here’s one from the Packwood section of the book. Two big drawbacks with 12×12: it’s HUGE, and double spreads are damn near impossible to photograph. Everything is just too big. As much as I like this album, I’ve decided that from 2018, the cabin trips will go in our regular family album.

Naches Peak Loop

Due to spreading out in so many different albums this year (cabin trip! Nora’s album! Lily’s album! autumn album!), the family album was a little neglected. It has lots of little stories, but it doesn’t really reflect the whirlwind of a year we’ve had. Next year EVERYTHING is going in there. Except for December Daily.

It’s a mix of 6×8, like this one about JK…

Focus on what's important

…and 8.5×11, like this one about my continuing adventures in solo mountain travel.


I’m using my scrapbook pages more and more as a journal, and I love that.


It lets me make sense of the upsy-downsy feelings of the everyday.

Endings are beginnings

It lets me remember loved ones.

Remembering always

It lets me capture the vibe of the different seasons of our life. This one takes me right back to JK’s paternal leave last winter and spring, which was such a special family bonding time.

J-K + Nora (Ali Edwards Bond Story Kit)

There’s no pressure to stay “caught up” – in the summer of 2016 (oops the journaling says 2017 – must fix), I was too down in the dumps to scrapbook, but I’ve captured lots of little important moments and the general vibe here on one little layout.

Summer stories 2016

I use the same technique in my vacation album – the one where I make one two-page spread for every big vacation we’ve taken. I gather the photos that are most descriptive of the trip, and write down the highlights. Even if I never get around to making a separate album for these vacations, the spreads in this album will spark lots of good memories. Here’s one where I puked my way around St. John:

St. John 2014

This one from our honeymoon to India was just really fun to make. I wanted it to reflect the style I used when I made our honeymoon album which I started in 2006, so I flipped through that album, found my old Quickutz Squeeze alphabets, Fancy Pants rubons (they worked perfectly even though they’re from 2007), and Rouge de Garance papers (look at that perfectly placed Taj Mahal!). It also felt good to be a little honest in my journaling a decade on – it was a big trip that I will never forget, but I was so depressed that I spent far too much time in hotel bedrooms…in hindsight that whole trip has a kind of “missed opportunity” feel to it. I really want to finish this whole vacation spread album in 2018 – yay for completed projects! I think I’ll focus on one album per month to finish up.


….starting with December Daily 2017 – I’ll devote January to that. I’m about halfway done, and I’m looking forward to spending those cold, dark, January evenings reliving Christmas memories.

Here’s my favorite spread so far, just one giant photo of Lily digging into her birthday cake in the snow. Love love love.

December Daily 2017 Day 5

I’m still not finished with December Daily from 2016, but I think I’ll save that for November, when the December Daily stoke will be off the charts. Of course this page had to make the favorites list, with that super cool spinning circle idea from Pam Baldwin’s section of the December Daily Product Play class.

December Daily 2016

December Daily 2016

And of course I want to finish up the girls’ baby albums. Lily’s is almost done, I made a very simple 6×8 album with monthly spreads and some extras like her birth story.


Nora’s album still has a ways to go, but at least I managed to get some pregnancy photos in there this year.

Ready for the next chapter

I love this page that I made about her baby outfits.

Nora style

And finally, this spread about the autumn before her little sister arrived. I think this is my favorite kind of scrapbooking – two-page spread, lots of photos, lots of words.

Breathe in the change of seasons

If you made it all the way through this, thank you for indulging me in my little trip down memory lane! I hope you all have a very happy 2018. I’ll be getting my resolutions on, so I will be back here soon (with album catch-ups! best of 2017 hiking list! missed trip reports! goals! all the things!). I will I will I will.

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  • Reply RitaQ January 1, 2018 at 6:12 am

    Thank you for sharing. I LOVE your style… the overall simplicity of your thoughtful storytelling, stellar photos and judicious use of product make me want to scrap lift all things Ingunn. Please keep sharing. You inspire me.

  • Reply Jenny January 1, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Love every page Ingunn! While I love every part of your pages (beautiful photos and design always!!) I super LOVE reading your stories.

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