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Depression came sneaking back up on me in June, and I am handling it in my usual ways. More exercise (I stopped running for a while after Sun Mountain due to a sore foot, which is what I suspect triggered this bout of depression), better food, attempting to sleep more, and prioritizing more time to myself. Another thing I find really important is to set little goals for myself, which serves double duty: it adds a sense of purpose to my days, however small it may be, and it gives a small but very important boost when/if I complete it. Having to complete an entire album for Ali’s travel class actually helped me a lot in the first half of June, and the sense of accomplishment was so good (if you have ever been depressed, you might know how huge something like that felt for me at that time).

I wanted to keep that feeling going, so inspired by Ali’s other current workshop, Stories of Travel (registration closes tonight!), I decided to tackle an old, half-finished album. This was one I started in 2009 and that I really loved, so it has annoyed me to no end that I never got my act together to finish it.

Here’s what it looked like last Tuesday:

Here are some of the spreads I made for it in 2009:

Cable Mountain

Petrified Dunes

Hiking Among Hoodoos

Ephemeral Arch

I <3 You

Luckily it’s a very simple album, which meant that I could finish it very quickly. The only supplies I needed were:

– white cardstock
– fonts (Century Gothic for journaling, CK Becky for the “handwritten” titles and Modern No. 20 for the rest of the titles)
this butterfly design for my Silhouette machine

I made a cover and an opening page:

Southwest '09 album finished at last

Southwest '09 album finished at last

I created more spreads using the same kinds of designs I used in 2009, and tried to make sure my journaling flowed reasonably well as a continuing story versus just the random pages/memories I had gotten down back then.

Southwest '09 album finished at last

Southwest '09 album finished at last

I found some extra bits of memorabilia to add between the pages.

Southwest '09 album finished at last

(Heh, that photo of us at the restaurant is actually two 3×4 photos of us sitting on opposite ends of the table, but I printed them together to fit in the 6×4 pocket and at first glance it totally looks like we’re sitting next to each other, albeit with awkward body language!)

Southwest '09 album finished at last

I cut out a bajillion of those butterflies with my Silhouette and stuck them everywhere, pretty much.

Southwest '09 album finished at last

I filmed a walkthrough of the entire thing if you’re interested too:

I really can’t believe how fast it was to finish this thing once I got going. Why oh why did I wait nine years to get it done?

This week I am tackling this baby, which I started in 2016. Feel free to play along if you’re like me and have a shelf full of unfinished albums!

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  • Reply CarrieH July 7, 2018 at 7:55 am

    I love this and I love your enthusiasm about finishing your travel albums. Ali’s classes have been SO inspiring, but is has been awesome to see your work-in-process projects as an extra motivator to just get started and get some of my own albums done. Thanks for sharing!

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