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From Life to Layout: Chanterelles!

It’s been hard for me to get out of the house lately, but motivated by the promise of chanterelles, I took Lily into the woods.

Mushrooming with Lily

The day started off with a sighting of Langdon Cook (author of one of my favorite non-fiction books, The Mushroom Hunters: On the Trail of an Underground America) guiding a group of aspiring foragers. Surely that meant we had come at the right time for mushrooms!

Mushrooming with Lily

I carried Lily up a very steep, very long path to get to my secret chanterelle spot…only two find two other guys there. Nooo! They were finishing up their hunt, and I dejectedly started poking around a little bit, expecting to find nothing.

Mushrooming with Lily

Luckily for me, these guys must not be very good at spotting chanterelles, because Lily and I ended up finding a whole bunch. And when I say that Lily found them, she really did! At first she pointed to every kind of mushroom and said “Look! Mushroom there!”, but eventually she honed in on the gold and kind of sort of pronounced the word chanterelle. The cutest!

Mushrooming with Lily

After our hunt and a well-deserved lunch/running around in the woods session for Lily, she wanted back in the carrier and promptly fell asleep. I found some more mushrooms and somehow managed bend down and pick them without waking her up.

Mushrooming with Lily

This was such a good day…I’ve felt so low lately that I’ve been missing out on how much Lilyis growing. But the endorphins from carrying her up through that steep forest and the dopamine hits from finding mushrooms allowed me to fully enjoy her constant chattering from the carrier. I need to get out more. I know this. Why is it so hard.

Mushrooming with Lily

I was worried that Nora would be angry that I had picked mushrooms while she was in preschool, but she was just excited and happily cleaned them so she could have them on her pizza. Yaass!

Mushrooming with Lily

This was such a meaningful day to me that I wanted to get it scrapbooked while it was fresh in my mind, so I used the November Stories by the Month kit from Ali Edwards to make a very quick and simple 6×8 spread. I focused my journaling on the whole symbolic thing of how these mushrooms only show up if we’ve had rain.


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  • Reply Jill I October 23, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Glad you got out! I am still not confident in spotting chanterelles apart from other types, although I did get out for morels this past spring. Your daughters are adorable.

    • Reply Ingunn Markiewicz October 23, 2018 at 2:14 pm

      Once you learn what the false gills look like, you can’t go wrong! I recommend studying them in a grocery store now that they’re in season. Are you going to the book club hike with Langdon Cook? I’ll be out of town, I’m so bummed to miss it. JK and I did a really cool foraging hike with him years ago, but it wasn’t during mushroom season.

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