About Me

aboutpicHullo! My name is Ingunn and I am a born and raised Norwegian who was transplanted to beautiful Washington in 2006.

My husband and I live in the Seattle area with our wee daughters and our Italian Greyhound. I really, really love hiking, backpacking, and mountains in general…and I also love food. I used to weigh over 230 lbs and struggled with depression for much too long, but I really do credit hiking with helping me get out of both of those situations. The outdoors is my gym, my shrink, and my church. And I still really love food, but these days that includes foods that aren’t made of chocolate.

When I am not ambulating rather slowly down hiking trails, I am a mushroom-picking, scrapbooking, vegetable-growing, whole-foods plant-based, stay-at-home mom to a baby and a toddler.

My patronus is a marmot.