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Decemberish Dailyish

I’m always excited about Christmas, but this year my cheer level is off the charts – it’ll be Nora’s first Christmas as a somewhat functional human being, and I can’t wait to share all our traditions with her (and make some new ones, too).

I want those memories documented in an album we can pull out every year around this time, so for the first time ever, I’ll be participating in December Daily. Except I started it in November. And I’m focusing on the highlights, which might not necessarily happen every day. So… Decemberish Dailyish it is!

Decemberish Dailyish

I’m using a gold 6×8 album with divided page protecters from Seven Paper, and I’ll be using a mix of new products and stuff I’ve been hoarding for years. Looking at what I’ve made so far, I’ll just assume that some recurring themes will be gold, stars, and oh so many deer heads and antlers.

Decemberish Dailyish

I was planning on starting my album with Thanksgiving, but then we went on a really fun hike in the snow the weekend before. We sang Christmas carols as we walked through the woods and Nora played in the snow, and I just couldn’t not include it.

Decemberish Dailyish

Found this old Studio Calico card with gold and stars. Score.

Decemberish Dailyish

Decemberish Dailyish

This little conversation I had with two friends who have kids about the same age as Nora made me crack up on one of those kind of long tiring, nap-refusal days, so I printed a screen capture of it. It’ll be cool to look back on in 15 years – will we still be using our phones for everything? Sending text messages? Using emojis?

Decemberish Dailyish

I found this star transparency in my stash and added it in between pages for some breathing room. I tend to use too many photos in projects like this, so I’m trying to add some white space and breathing room here and there.

Decemberish Dailyish

Nora is in love with the star we got at IKEA. We had one when I was growing up and I’ve been looking for one for years, but never found one in the U.S. until now. It hangs in the window and she’s obsessed with it.

Decemberish Dailyish

The next page covers Thanksgiving. We’ve really embraced this holiday even though it’s not celebrated in Norway and we don’t have family here. It’s just a really good excuse to get together with our fellow geographically orphaned friends and eat pie.

Decemberish Dailyish

Something very special happened the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s not my story to share, so I wrote it down on a tag and hid it behind the gold arrow paper.

Decemberish Dailyish

Black Friday was #optoutside day! We went for a short hike in a local park, and Nora got to play on the freezing beach. I added the #happy button to go with the whole hashtag thing. I also had to mention Dansgiving, which this introvert sees as the highlight of Thanksgiving – every year on Black Friday, JK and I snuggle up on the couch, watch Dan in Real Life, and eat leftovers. It never gets old. This page wasn’t very Christmasy. Maybe the #happy button needs antlers?

Decemberish Dailyish

The next page was supposed to be about the first Sunday of Advent, but then something really awesome happened that I had to write about instead. Once again it is not my story to share, but this is turning into one amazingly joyful album already – and December hasn’t even started yet!

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Vacation Album Progress

JK and I have been lucky enough to go on lots of amazing vacations together (and some apart!), so I’m highlighting all of those big trips in one album – one two-page spread per trip. Some of these have also been documented in their own separate albums, but it’s really cool to have an overview of all our travels in one album. I want the photos and journaling to really bring back my favorite memories from each trip.

St. John

This one from St. John in 2013 was the first one I made. I made sure to mention Lana Del Rey in the journaling, because I was obsessed with her on this trip. The weird thing is that Art Deco, a song from her 2015 album, came on while I was writing this blog post, and even that took me back to the island. I guess her voice alone has the power to transport me to the Virgin Islands, even though this song came out years after the trip.

This was my all-time favorite vacation, so I’ve also made a photo book about it. I might actually make an entire I Love St. John album too, because I really do. Maybe after we return with Nora in tow?


This one is from our trip to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona with JK’s sister in 2008. It’s a scraplift of this page by Ali Edwards. Ali has slanted templates available for sale, they make it really easy to get the photos right! I also have an almost-finished 8.5×11 album from that trip that I made back in the day.

Southwest '09

The spread from our 2009 trip looks a little unbalanced; I made the left side before I had decided that every trip would be a two-pager, so then I just added on the right side this morning with these photos I found in my drawer. This trip is also documented in an 8×8 album. I love love love the simple design of that album, but sadly it is also unfinished. I sense a theme here – maybe I should host an album-finishing challenge in 2016? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there with poor, neglected, unfinished mini albums.

You had me at aloha

This last one is from our first trip to Hawaii in 2010. That wavy swoop was supposed to look much…swoopier, but I messed it up when I was cutting it. My x-acto knife skills are rusty. Oh well. Not only has this trip never been documented anywhere, but I never even finished processing the photos from it. That will have to be a project for a rainy day way off in the future. Until that day comes, this page will do.


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The beginnings of a baby album

I’m finally getting started on a baby album for Nora! Except that it’s really for me…and since most of the photos and happenings are being documented in photo books, I’m free to be all sorts of self-indulgent and just scrapbook exactly what I want to in this album.

It’s also a great place to store all the actual scraps, like the prettified, non-official birth certificate we got at the hospital, ultrasound photos, and the chart from Nora’s first week of life where we noted every single feeding and diaper change (looking at that thing now, I understand why I can’t remember much from those zombie newborn weeks).

I finally got the birth story written down! I’ve never made a layout with quite this much writing on it before, but then again, it wasn’t your ordinary day. The tab with the little camera on it can be pulled to reveal the more, uhm, private photos from that whole experience.

On the night you were born

I’ve been hoarding baby scrapbook products for years, but apparently I’m sticking to my old flower tricks on these. Oh well. The text on this one is from what JK calls his Nora song, Light by Sleeping at Last.

Our Nora

…and that page functions as a sort-of-two-pager with this one, where I gush about this amazing little lady of ours. I’m guessing that will be the main theme of this album – gushing. Because come on, she’s the best.

Such a happy day

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Desert Scrapbook

Alright, so I kept waiting for JK to be able to help me photograph this album, but the only days he came home early enough we were too busy – so here’s a lovely mish-mash of porch photos and scans of the pages I’ve made so far. The album is an 8×8 corduroy album from American Crafts in the most desert-like color I could find. The page protectors are from We R Memory Keepers, but unfortunately they didn’t fit the album – I had to punch two extra holes in each protector. Lame.

I wanted the album to really focus on the photos, so I chose white and grey cardstock as my base, no patterned paper (there’s so much color in the photos already!) and minimal embellishments – just those cute butterflies from Quickutz, cut out in different sizes with my Silhouette. This page is from our first hike of the trip, to Cable Mountain in Zion National Park:

Cable Mountain

I’m using the same fonts throughout the album: Century Gothic for journaling, CK Becky for the “handwritten” titles and Modern No. 20 for the rest of the titles.

If you live in St. George (or anywhere in Utah for that matter), you must visit Snow Canyon State Park. We ended up there as a backup when our backpacking trip in Zion got rained out, and we were so happy it happened!

Petrified Dunes

To go with the butterfly theme (ok, so it was just an excuse to finally use them…), I’m adding butterfly transparencies from Hambly between some of the pages. I love those things.

Petrified Dunes

To make the pages easy to put together (since I have yet to actually finish an album…), I’m using a bunch of divided 4×6 page protectors, and a lot of the designs are based on 4×6 or 5×7 photos – the 8×8 size is perfect for this!

This is from Bryce Canyon National Park where we hiked an excellent little loop:

Hiking Among Hoodoos

After Bryce we spent some time in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Again, everyone should visit this place! Lots of little hikes and areas to explore, and the best campground you’ll ever find (free showers!).

White Domes

We avoided Vegas (ugh, Vegas) like the plague and chose slot canyons over slot machines:

Slot Machines

Valley of Fire was where we saw our favorite animals of the trip (antelope ground squirrels and chuckwallas!) and our absolute least favorite animal (rattlesnake, eep!!):

Life in the Desert

I attached the butterflies to the outside of some of the page protectors because it looked more interesting – let’s see how long it takes before they fall off.

Ephemeral Arch

…and here’s a mushy closing page (for the time being) with a collection of some of our self-portraits.

I <3 You

Happy vacation, happy album, happy me! The full trip report is on

Vacation album in the making

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Huzzah for 12×12

I am still not over how cool it is for me to use 12×12 albums. I made a couple 12×12 layouts when I first started scrapbooking, but soon realized that 8.5×11 was more my thing, so I just stuck with that. Now that I have these new albums, however, I am totally obsessed with the freedom of mixing page sizes. Combined with the whole Library of Memories system, this has made scrapbooking fun for me again.

Andre & Ellie

There were so many photos from Andre and Ellie’s wedding that I wanted to have in my album, so I had a bunch of 4×6 photos developed with a white border and put them in a divided page protectors (from We R Memory Keepers). Anything that gets my photos of the computer and into the real world is fun, no? I love the absolute laziness of it; anyone could do this in five minutes.

Lazy 4x6 scrapbooking :o)

Here’s the back (I added some photo descriptions on a 4×6 piece of cardstock):

The back

I wanted a place to keep all the memorabilia, so I used one of the 12×12 folders from a CK Kit of the Month as the base for my layout and snuck the invitation, save the date card and menu (Andre & Ellie’s wedding was all vegan and the food was fantastic) into the folder.

Invitation inside the folder

Some of the random layouts that finally have a home now that I am using 12×12 albums: one of the first layouts I made (before found my style…) and the page JK made the time I forced him to scrapbook – how cute is that?? Almost better than the Valentine’s Day card I got this year:

Old layout Layout by JK!!

I’ve also added pages that other people have sent me, like this super-cool one made by Ania from when we were teaching at Papirfest (I miss you guys!), and have embraced the opportunity to use really weird page protectors like this “hinged” one I used for the party layout (Design Your Life classmates: this page protector can make jumping the gutter feel less traumatic!):

Layout made by Ania Weird, hinged page protector

Last, but absolutely not least – the albums (from We R Memory Keepers) look pretty freakin’ cute on my shelf. :o)

Thank you for all the kind words and virtual baked goods after my last post – I am happy to announce that I am back to my happy healthy self again. I went to the gym today for the first time since…uhm…some time before the Enchantments. My muscles and lungs don’t like me very much right now, but it felt really good to move again after being sick for so long. I also took Bobby for a looong walk yesterday so we could pee on fire hydrants (him) and take in all the Autumn colors (me). Hopefully the weather will stay good so we can breathe in some fresh mountain air this weekend!

Oh, and speaking of the gym – am I the only one who thinks Seth Rogen looked much hotter when he was “fat”?