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2018 – Let’s do this

Aah, I love this time of year when we’re all resolutiony and motivated. Unfortunately this time of year also brings motivated bugs, and I was out with the flu for over a week. I’ve managed to fight of all the viruses Nora has brought home from preschool except one, but this time I think I paid for a December of little sleep and lots of sugar and pepperkaker, plus my immune system was busy battling an inflamed clogged duct. Not the best start to the year, but the silver lining is that at least those extra pepperkake pounds disappeared.


I did manage to make some quick scrapbook layouts while I was sick too, a bunch of December Daily pages (I’m so close to finishing! I WILL DO THIS!) and the opener for my 2018 album. This year I’m using a 9×12 album so that I have the option to include more pocket pages if I want to, but most of the pages I make for it will probably still be 8.5×11.

For the opener, I grabbed my favorite family photo (taken this fall at one of Hannah Marie Photography’s mini sessions – 15 minutes is about as much posing as Nora can handle, so these sessions are working really well for us) and one of the journaling cards from Ali Edwards’ January digital kit. I elongated it to go all the way across the page so I could fit in journaling for all of us. I cut the title out with my Silhouette, using one of these files.

Family portraits by Nora

On the back, I put these adorable portraits Nora drew of all of us. I love this with all my heart.

New Year

Next up is this welcome to the new year spread where I talk about my big goal of the year – running the Sun Mountain 50K. Eek! I took one of the 3×4 cards from the kit and turned the background transparent using this trick in Photoshop so I could use it as an overlay on my big trail photo.

New Year

I’m planning on doing all my One Little Word stuff directly in this big ol’ album this year, so I’ll probably be documenting my training efforts in between all the family stuff. I’m really excited to have everything in one place this year instead of working on five different albums simultaneously.

As for training, so far in 2018 I have walked around…two miles. Yay flu! But today I’m finally feeling like myself again, so I’ll take Lily out in the running stroller after her nap. It’s gonna hurt oh so good.

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Favorite Layouts // 2017

I’m forever trying to get back into blogging (yay resolutions season might help with that), so I figured a quick post about my ten favorite scrapbook pages this year would be a good way to ease into it. But now of course I’m having a hard time whittling it down to ten. It’s not that I think these are masterpieces or anything, it’s just that I reconnected with scrapbooking in a big way this year (thank you Ali Edwards and Story Camp!) and therefore have warm, fuzzy feelings about lots of my pages. I’ve also just scrapbooked way more than I ever have before.

(If you want to read the journaling on any of these, just click to embiggen. I’m far too lazy to write down the products I used for each of these, so if you’re wondering about anything in particular, just ask in the comments. Most of the products are from Ali Edwards since I am on her creative team.)

I haven’t shared much from this album yet, but I’m making a 12×12 mixed page size scrapbook that documents all the “cabin trips” we’ve gone on since Nora was born. 12×12 is still new to me and I don’t feel like I have a handle on it yet, but it’s been fun to play. Almost every cabin trip section starts with an opening page like this one that gives an overview of the trip.

Yachats opening page

Here’s the opener for the Sun Mountain trip:

Sun Mountain

Here’s one from the Packwood section of the book. Two big drawbacks with 12×12: it’s HUGE, and double spreads are damn near impossible to photograph. Everything is just too big. As much as I like this album, I’ve decided that from 2018, the cabin trips will go in our regular family album.

Naches Peak Loop

Due to spreading out in so many different albums this year (cabin trip! Nora’s album! Lily’s album! autumn album!), the family album was a little neglected. It has lots of little stories, but it doesn’t really reflect the whirlwind of a year we’ve had. Next year EVERYTHING is going in there. Except for December Daily.

It’s a mix of 6×8, like this one about JK…

Focus on what's important

…and 8.5×11, like this one about my continuing adventures in solo mountain travel.


I’m using my scrapbook pages more and more as a journal, and I love that.


It lets me make sense of the upsy-downsy feelings of the everyday.

Endings are beginnings

It lets me remember loved ones.

Remembering always

It lets me capture the vibe of the different seasons of our life. This one takes me right back to JK’s paternal leave last winter and spring, which was such a special family bonding time.

J-K + Nora (Ali Edwards Bond Story Kit)

There’s no pressure to stay “caught up” – in the summer of 2016 (oops the journaling says 2017 – must fix), I was too down in the dumps to scrapbook, but I’ve captured lots of little important moments and the general vibe here on one little layout.

Summer stories 2016

I use the same technique in my vacation album – the one where I make one two-page spread for every big vacation we’ve taken. I gather the photos that are most descriptive of the trip, and write down the highlights. Even if I never get around to making a separate album for these vacations, the spreads in this album will spark lots of good memories. Here’s one where I puked my way around St. John:

St. John 2014

This one from our honeymoon to India was just really fun to make. I wanted it to reflect the style I used when I made our honeymoon album which I started in 2006, so I flipped through that album, found my old Quickutz Squeeze alphabets, Fancy Pants rubons (they worked perfectly even though they’re from 2007), and Rouge de Garance papers (look at that perfectly placed Taj Mahal!). It also felt good to be a little honest in my journaling a decade on – it was a big trip that I will never forget, but I was so depressed that I spent far too much time in hotel bedrooms…in hindsight that whole trip has a kind of “missed opportunity” feel to it. I really want to finish this whole vacation spread album in 2018 – yay for completed projects! I think I’ll focus on one album per month to finish up.


….starting with December Daily 2017 – I’ll devote January to that. I’m about halfway done, and I’m looking forward to spending those cold, dark, January evenings reliving Christmas memories.

Here’s my favorite spread so far, just one giant photo of Lily digging into her birthday cake in the snow. Love love love.

December Daily 2017 Day 5

I’m still not finished with December Daily from 2016, but I think I’ll save that for November, when the December Daily stoke will be off the charts. Of course this page had to make the favorites list, with that super cool spinning circle idea from Pam Baldwin’s section of the December Daily Product Play class.

December Daily 2016

December Daily 2016

And of course I want to finish up the girls’ baby albums. Lily’s is almost done, I made a very simple 6×8 album with monthly spreads and some extras like her birth story.


Nora’s album still has a ways to go, but at least I managed to get some pregnancy photos in there this year.

Ready for the next chapter

I love this page that I made about her baby outfits.

Nora style

And finally, this spread about the autumn before her little sister arrived. I think this is my favorite kind of scrapbooking – two-page spread, lots of photos, lots of words.

Breathe in the change of seasons

If you made it all the way through this, thank you for indulging me in my little trip down memory lane! I hope you all have a very happy 2018. I’ll be getting my resolutions on, so I will be back here soon (with album catch-ups! best of 2017 hiking list! missed trip reports! goals! all the things!). I will I will I will.

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Autumn Album

This year I decided to make an autumn album. I ended summer in a really stressed out, sleep-deprived place, and I wanted to use the album to help me really focus on some of the beautiful moments that life has to offer that time of year. It definitely served its purpose – I love having a little project like this to work on, an album with a beginning and an end but no other constraints. It’s like December Daily but without the time crunch issues!

I opened the album with this quote because it’s one I’ve always loved, and felt even more true than usual this fall. I used this free printable.

Autumn 2017 album

I mention this later in the album, but our weather this fall was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t expect to have many photos to work with, but I ended up with an overabundance of autumny pics…so I ended up printing a whole bunch of little 2×2 versions and just putting them in this pocket page next to an intentions page.

Autumn 2017 album

Our farmers market runs through October, so thanks to our glorious weather, I was able to continue my Saturday ritual of having a giant salad with fresh salsa from the market for lunch on the deck.

Autumn 2017 album

Brené Brown had a special Q&A at Microsoft and I got to go!

Autumn 2017 album

We went on a surprisingly beautiful hike to Twin Lakes with some friends that I came *this* close to bailing on, which is always a life lesson for this introverted homebody.

Autumn 2017 album

Hiking through fall colors, staring at a big volcano, baby snoozing away on my chest…this is bliss.

Autumn 2017 album

That baby and I had lots of fun weekday adventures while big sis was in preschool. She’s such a big girl now.

Autumn 2017 album

Autumn 2017 album

This is from one of those really good days at the market…

Autumn 2017 album

…and with the market came tomatoes, which inevitably ended up as roasted tomato soup, one of our favorite meals this fall. I wrote the recipe on that little card that’s tucked into the pocket.

Autumn 2017 album

This one is basically me just rambling and trying to make sense of my anxiety around the shootings this fall.

Autumn 2017 album

And here I’m just 100% proud of myself after running the Oregon Coast 30K.

Autumn 2017 album

All year long I’ve cycled between feeling super energetic and super exhausted, so here’s some word vomit on that. I have a feeling it’s going to last until Lily weans.

Autumn 2017 album

Another hike, another life lesson.

Autumn 2017 album

These photos are all from one absolutely gorgeous day in October. I cannot believe the weather we had, for reals.

Autumn 2017 album

I slipped a 3×8 gratitude list in the middle using an Ali Edwards digital journaling card – the card was originally 3×4, so I used Photoshop to elongate it to fit my writing. (I later noticed that I had forgotten to close that parenthesis. Gaah! Normally it wouldn’t bother me – there are sooo many typos in my scrapbooks – but something about this was so annoying that I ended up reprinting it today.)

Autumn album

Autumn 2017 album

Our pumpkin photos get cuter and cuter every year. And of course I had to write an ode to the weather.

Autumn 2017 album

Thanksgiving deserved its own spread, of course.

Autumn 2017 album

The album was missing a back page, so just quickly added a digital stamp to a family photo and glued it to some paper.

Autumn 2017 album

Tada! I still have some things I can add later: our date night when we went to the Susanne Sundfør concert in Seattle, the night I went to see Where Dreams Go to Die with a friend and JK was in charge of bedtime for the girls (he sent me the CUTEST photo of Nora giving Lily a bottle), Halloween!!!, the freak snow we got in early November…but this was never meant to be a comprehensive album for documenting everything that happened this fall, it’s really just a collection of moments. For now, I’m calling it good and done(ish) so I can turn my focus to December Daily.

(Most of the stuff I used is from Ali Edwards, plus a couple of papers from my local scrapbook store, including this beautiful cut-apart sheet. The album is 6×8. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if there’s anything else you’re wondering about!)

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December Daily Stoke

Is it just me, or is the excitement around December Daily extra crazy this year? I for one can’t wait to experience Christmas with a 1 year old and a 3 year old, and working on a project like this one honestly makes me live life more fully and take notice of all of the little magic moments. It feels like it’s going to be an integral part of the Christmas celebration for me this year.

I’ve only completed one December Daily album so far, back in 2015, and I decided to record a little album walkthrough for fellow enthusiasts who are excited to get started on December:

I wanted to make one last year too, but Lily was born on Thanksgiving and somehow I had forgotten how all-consuming having a newborn is. Hah. So I’m going back and slowly but surely putting that album together now. It’s an excellent warm-up to the main event which starts later this week (eek)! I’m using a mix of Ali Edwards products from 2016 and 2017 – I had the honor of contributing to Ali’s newest class, December Daily Product Play, and have been using a bunch of ideas from the other contributors to that class too.

The album opens with our Christmas card from 2016. It’s so weird that Lily wasn’t even born when we took that photo! It’s hard to remember life without her. (Someone on the December Daily Facebook group shared a cut file for those little attachers back in 2015 and I cannot for the life of me remember who it was! I hope someone else will remember because I use them all the time.)

December Daily 2016

…and then comes my “intentions” page, where I explain why I decided to go back and make the album one year later.

December Daily 2016

Day one is an homage to my dad, who came over from Norway to help us out during the birth and the newborn period. He wrote emails to my mom every day while he was here, and they are absolutely hilarious to read – they truly capture the chaos we were living in. I printed a handful of them and put them in that pocket, along with a photo of him holding Lily.

December Daily 2016

Even I recognize that I should include my own handwriting once in a while, so here’s my token contribution to this album. Now you can see why I choose to type my journaling 99.9% of the time.

December Daily 2016

I wanted to make a cluster of circles similar to what Ali made in the Product Play class, and the natural story choice was this one, of Nora making a cluster of circles on our tree. #toddlerdecoratingskills

December Daily 2016

For day 8, I used one of Ali’s ideas from the Product Play class. I’ll be using a similar half circle as my opening page for 2017!

December Daily 2016

The papers in the background are just random ones from various Ali Edwards kits that I put in there since I haven’t made days 7 or 9 yet.

December Daily 2016

On December 10 I took this selfie while I was watching Gilmore Girls with Lily sleeping on my chest while the rest of the gang were out picking up pizza. I look so happy (and tired). Loved those rare moments of calm in a crazy time of our life. (The photo of Wellie and Lily behind the 3×8 journaling page is for day 11, which isn’t quite done yet.)

December Daily 2016

Okay, so this is one of the coolest things I have ever made. It was all Pam Baldwin‘s idea from the Product Play class, so I can’t even take any of the credit for it. I love pages and elements outside of the page protectors, and this one has an interactive spinning circle! I’m totally going to have to make another one for my 2017 album. A spinning star, maybe?

December Daily 2016

It spins! It’s aliiive! I love it! The messy circles around my journaling are from a free cut file from Scrapbook & Cards Today – scroll all the way to the bottom to find it, but there are some other cool holiday-themed files there too.

December Daily 2016

You know that 4 lb bar of chocolate they sell at Trader Joe’s? The one that’s literally larger than a human infant? Yeah, we ate that.

December Daily 2016

On the 15th, grandma finally arrived and grandpa could exhale and relax after all his hard work! This is one of my favorite spreads in the album and it came together super fast, so it will have to be a reminder to myself to keep it simple – this really doesn’t have to be complicated.

December Daily 2016

Nora holding tiny little Lily. Oh man. Feels. I printed two copies of that Jasmine Jones card and mirrored them. The little onesie is an old wood veneer from Studio Calico.

December Daily 2016

Last but not least, here’s the obligatory annual cookie baking page. I ended up using photos from different days (hence the different outfits), which might bother some December Daily purists, but (a) it doesn’t matter too me and (b) LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS I COULDN’T POSSIBLY PICK JUST THE ONE THAT WAS ACTUALLY TAKEN ON THAT DAY.

December Daily 2016

I still have a ways to go, but this is a solid start. I’ll hopefully finish it alongside my 2017 album. Only a couple more days to go before December begins!

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Best Story Kit

Egads, I’m so behind on blogging that I have actually scrapbooked about my race before getting around to blogging about it!

I was just going to make a quick 6×8 spread for my autumn album (more photos of that album here on instagram) because the ‘go me’ card from Ali’s Story Kit this month matched the tank top I’m wearing in my official race photo:

Go Me

…and then it turned into a whole series of other layouts. I have another album in the works, one that’s about all the different long weekend vacations/cabin trips we’ve been on since having kids. It’s my first ever 12×12 album, so that I can mix page sizes and pocket pages, and the pages for each trip has some design similarities so you can tell that they go together.

For this trip to Yachats, Oregon, that design theme is stars, the Rockwell font, and teal/aqua. I used those big awesome stars and ‘best moments from this adventure’ card from the Story Kit to create an opening page:

Yachats opening page

…and pieces from the tear-apart booklet on a quick page about my race (I’m going to be totally honest and let you know that I LOVE this photo of myself (thank you, Glenn Tachiyama!), so you’re probably going to see it so much that you’ll get sick of it):

Oregon Coast 30K

…and since I got a page about my 30K, Nora deserved a companion page about her 1K! That’s right, Nora ran her first trail race! That called for another star AND a ribbon. *so proud*

Oregon Coast 1K