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These are a few of my favorite things…

…namely FOOOOOD and scrapbooking! This month I’ve had several opportunities to document our new food philosophy, which has been a pretty big part of our life so far this year. First up, the new Story Kit from Ali Edwards, Eat.

I obviously had to write about why I joined the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study. Since the study team sent out a surprise packet of goodies and info last week, I even have some memorabilia to go with my layout for once. You know, the way scrapbooking was intended.

The Eat kit is going to be used a lot. I keep seeing pages from the other design team members that I want to scraplift, like Pam Baldwin’s – how did it not occur to me to use one of the circles as a dinner plate between the adorable wood veneer cutlery? Genius.

This is going into my personal book, which is a 6×8 album that pretty much functions as my journal these days. It’s also the home of my One Little Word – this year I picked FLOW. More on that later.

Eat Story Kit

I’m also putting together a Week in the Life album for this spring. Ali is doing the “official” WitL the week of April 17 if you want to follow along, but I decided I would rather document this magical time when JK is on parental leave instead. (He goes back to work on Tuesday. Sob!)

Food is going to play a big part in that album too, of course. Having two adults at home most days has allowed us to spend lots of time cooking and trying new recipes. Now begins the real challenge – staying on track when we’re back in the real world.

Week in the Life

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Bond (James Bond)

This month’s Story Kit theme is Bond, which meant I obviously had to scrapbook about JK and Nora – in my completely non-biased opinon, they are the cutest daddy/daughter combo around, and their bond has grown even stronger this past year. JK helped me out so much with childcare when I was sick and down in the dumps during pregnancy, and now that he’s on his epic parental leave from work, he’s pretty much in charge of all things Nora while I nurse and nurse and nurse and do the little baby things.

J-K + Nora (Ali Edwards Bond Story Kit)

Now I have a whole list of other relationships I want to scrapbook with this too – Nora and Wellie! Wellie and Basil! And, of course, Nora and Lily. Aaaw.

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Lily’s Baby Album

I wasn’t actively scrapbooking when Nora was born, so I never kept a good in-the-moment baby book for her (oh, and there was that whole overwhelmed and exhausted brand new parents thing), and when I did start scrapbooking again, I started a full-size 8.5×11 album for her. It’s an album full of mish-mashed pages and random stories, which is kind of nice, but if I want to be able to keep up with a good album for Lily, I’m going to need more structure.

So 6×8 it is. I’ve fallen in love with this size after finishing December Daily and Week in the Life projects – it’s such a neat little album if you want to actually finish a project, while 8.5×11 albums tend to go on indefinitely for me. There’s also not that much room in most of them, so I’m forced to keep things simple and structured, which is just what I need right now. So far I’m thinking: opening page (birth announcement), a spread about the pregnancy, a spread about midwife visits/how excited Nora was to become a big sister (I have some cute photos of her at my checkups), the birth story, and then I’ll jump into monthly updates.

Lily's album

(I just realized that I sent out like five of those birth announcements and then forgot all about them. Egads! Where are they even??)

I’ll stick with a really easy setup for the monthly updates – one main photo, four smaller favorite photos from the month, and a 3×8 page protector with written highlights from the month. I’m so bummed I didn’t do something like that in real time for Nora, because her first year is just a blur at this point!

For Lily’s two-month update, I used the digital version of Ali’s Numbers Story Kit, including the beautiful patterned paper from one of the journaling cards. It was finished in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, if you don’t count the 743 hours I spent looking at photos of Lily to decide on five favorites.

Side note: I really wish I had photoshopped out that gigantic, fugly WARNING label in the car seat in the main photo. Oh well.

Two Months

If there’s room in the album, I think I’ll add a couple of extra themed spreads like bath time, food explorations (when that time comes), and whatever other special things that may pop up. She’s growing up way too fast already!

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December Daily 2015

It’s not quite December yet, but I really should get this post up now in case I suddenly go into labor or something. So without further ado, here is my December Daily album from last year!

(Some of these photos are really bad, but I refuse to redo them because that would involve crouching and bending over and other things I’m not into at the moment.)
When we left off last year, I had almost finished up November with a secret page…which I can now reveal was a pregnancy announcement! Our perfect nephew was born in June and we got to meet him this summer. Aaaw. I put the actual announcement in the album along with a photo of Nora skyping with the expectant parents and a photo of us celebrating the good news with champagne.

On November 30, we had a day that was so chilly and frosty that it almost looked like we had snow in the neighborhood for once, so I documented it on a stroller walk.

December Daily 2015

Now onto December! We made Nora an advent calendar last year, and on the first day she got crayons! It’s hard to see in this photo, but the background paper is the result of her very first crayon art.

The next day, we met up with Hike it Baby Seattle and went to see the Christmas lights in the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

December Daily 2015

Nora turned 15 months on December 2, so on the third, I dedicated a page to her current habits and whatnot. It was a good excuse to include a photo of her in her Christmas jammies plus one with a Santa hat. Squee!

December Daily 2015

December 4 is about sending out Christmas cards, so naturally I journaled about it on one of our Christmas cards.

On the fifth, we wrapped presents and watched Christmas with the Kranks, my annual guilty pleasure, so I just snapped a pic of our wrapping supplies. (I was supposed to get a photo of us doing the wrapping, but I had let my hair dry naturally and looked like Weird Al Yankovic, and nobody needs to see that.)

December Daily 2015

On the facing page, I added some bits and pieces of the actual wrapping paper we used.

December Daily 2015

December 6 was a two-story day! First we bought our Christmas tree, and then Nora stood up entirely on her own for the first time while we were decorating it!

December Daily 2015

On December 7, nothing much happened at all, so I took the opportunity to write about how we had lost our dog Basil earlier in the fall. I added some extra photos of him, Wellie, and Bobby wearing their festive holiday garb.

December Daily 2015

Still not much going on on the 8th, so I wrote about our tradition of always watching a Norwegian advent calendar show.

December Daily 2015

On December 9th, both Nora and I were sick. Cue photos of Nora picking her nose (sorry, kid) and eating her first bowl of magical, healing pho.

I also added a pastry bag from Starbucks, and when Christmas was over I used it to store the cards we received.

December Daily 2015

We were still sick the next day, so I just ended up writing about my favorite Christmas albums.

December Daily 2015

On the 11th, we were back to normal just in time to go see SANTA!!1! Nora wasn’t quite as enthused as I was.

December Daily 2015

Closeup. We’ll see how she does this year…

December Daily 2015

The next day, we went to a book signing by our friend Tom – he wrote The Lego Architect which has done so well and is super cool – the perfect present for geeks young and old!

December Daily 2015

On December 13, we celebrated Sancta Lucia by baking lussekatter. Nora was a fan.

On the 14th, I took a photo of our living room from the outside and wrote about what Christmas really means to me.

December Daily 2015

The 15th was a big day since it involved both a visit to Santa Story Time (Nora still wasn’t impressed, but this time she just ignored the big guy) and the arrival of grandma and grandpa from Norway! I ended up doing a day in the life kind of thing.

December Daily 2015

Closeup of this classic photo of Nora crying and Wellie expressing his feelings about that.

December Daily 2015

Of course the 16th had to be about Nora and her grandparents.

December Daily 2015

Nora and grandpa spent much of December singing songs from her songbook, and at one point Nora ripped out one of the pages. Instead of taping it back into the book, I added it here.

On the 17th, I needed an excuse to use this adorable photo of Nora, so I just added a speech bubble with some of the new words she had learned that month.

December Daily 2015

I think this is my favorite spread of the month – we went to JK’s office where they were hosting a Frozen-themed holiday event for families, and Nora got her first taste of gingerbread.

December Daily 2015

She just looked so adorable on that ice throne!

December Daily 2015

On the 19th, we all went snowshoeing! We obviously took way too many photos to limit this to a single spread, so I just kept going until I was done. I also added a Christmas card from a friend that fit right in.

December Daily 2015

Family photo!

December Daily 2015

Nora LOVES the snow. That’s my Norwegian baby!

December Daily 2015

This was another two-story day since we had JK’s office party that night, so I added the invitation…

December Daily 2015

…and on the back I stuck some photos of the gorgeous decor at the party (plus a big photo of us all dressed up for once, not wearing convertible pants and puffy jackets).

December Daily 2015

On the 20th, I used another photo of Nora opening her advent calendar and wrote about how much she was enjoying getting another piece of a Duplo set every day.

The next day, JK and I went trail running and then it started snowing on us as we were going up the mountain. We hit Starbucks afterwards for a peppermint mocha to warm us back up, which was an excellent excuse to use this super cute red cup gift card. (Apparently this year they have ugly Christmas sweater gift cards!)

December Daily 2015

One of the best parts of the season is obviously baking (and eating) cookies, and Nora is already talking about how she is going to bake gingerbread cookies with grandma this year! Last year we made them into marmots, because I’m the boss.

December Daily 2015

We call December 23 Little Christmas Eve, and it’s almost as important to me as the big day. JK snapped this photo of Nora looking totally mesmerized by the tree lights, so I used it write about my feelings around her first “real” Christmas.

December Daily 2015

Bonus cute photo of Wellie and the tree.

December Daily 2015

We open presents on Christmas Eve, so the big day had arrived! Nora opened presents throughout the day, and I think the big highlight for all of us adults was seeing her in the bunad grandma had made her. (I can see now that I forgot to stamp a word or phrase on the little tab I attached to the journaling half page, oops!)

December Daily 2015

Random adorbs photos from the day:

December Daily 2015

…and last but not least, I had to include the story of my favorite present – JK got me a giant Mukmuk! That boy knows me so well.

December Daily 2015

To finish up the album, I filled one of the 2×2 square pocket pages with little bits and pieces and wrapping paper and cute tags people had made us.

That’s it for 2015! I’m hoping to put an album together for 2016 as well, since it’s definitely going to be a very special Christmas…but it definitely can’t be as detailed as this one was. But man do I love this album – so many happy little memories captured forever – it really does feel priceless to me. If you’re on the fence about trying a project like this, just trust me and go for it.

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More baby layouts

I’m slowly but surely chugging away on Nora’s baby album, mostly focusing on the must-do pages for now…but I also have lots of cute filler page ideas I want to make so I can include the very best super adorbs photos we’ve taken of her.

First up – the birth story! I’ve actually made this before, but I hated how it looked, so for the first time ever, I redid the layout. This one works much better with the other pages I’ve made from the hospital.

When you were born

Here’s an obligatory page about the exhaustion/bliss of the newborn period…

Up Early, Up Late

…and one about Nora and pappa – this one is old, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here.

I love you

I think this is my favorite page of the entire album; it’s so cool to have all the important milestone information in one place on a timeline like this! Also: so many cute faces on one layout.

Little Details

I really do love making these little tidbit pages full of Nora’s little habits and quirks that I am bound to forget if I don’t write them down. This was her at 18 months.

18 months

And here’s a quick one about her second birthday celebration…


…with a corresponding tidbits-at-two page using the same papers (like I unintentionally did on her first birthday combo).

Love You

As for further must-do pages, I definitely need to make something about her relationships with all of her grandparents (and with me!), and maybe one where I use a photo from every month of her first year so you can see her growing from a wrinkly little peanut to a big girl. And then it’s on to just getting all of those massively adorable photos into her album. <3