Hiking 2011

12.17.11 Chinook Pass XC Ski
12.15.11 TNAB Hyak Lake
12.10.11 Skyline Ridge

Freezing picnic Gløgg!

11.20.11 Poo Poo Point
11.06.11 Tiger Mountain Section Line Loop
11.01.11 Panorama Point

Layered Tahoma I like it here

10.18.11 Poo Poo Point (JK)
10.15-16.11 Coyote Gulch, Utah (Ingunn)
10.14.11 Peek-a-boo Canyon and Spooky Gulch, Utah (Ingunn)
10.13.11 TNAB Granite Mountain (JK)
10.12-13.11 White Pocket, Arizona (Ingunn)
10.11.11 The Narrows, Utah (Ingunn)
10.08.11 Ingalls Lake

She's always got her nose in a book Gulch girls

09.29.11 Snow Lake (old trail) (Ingunn)
09.24.11 Hidden Lake Lookout
09.18.11 Anacapa Island, California
09.17.11 Snyder Trail to Knapp’s Castle, California
09.05-07.11 Wonderland Trail: Sunrise to Mowich Lake (Ingunn)
09.01.11 TNAB Mount Margaret

Mystic Lake in the morning Hidden Lake

08.27-28.11 Skyline Divide
08.22.11 Snoqualmie Mountain (JK)
08.21.11 Island Lake Loop
08.20.11 Lake Valhalla
08.18.11 TNAB Rampart Ridge
08.13.11 Sheep Lake
08.12-13.11 Noble Knob

Our little family Milky Way

07.30.11 Lillomarka, Norway
07.23.11 Thorp Mountain
07.18.11 West Bandera Mountain
07.10.11 Mount Persis
07.09.11 Goat Lake
07.02.11 Second Burroughs (JK) and Sourdough Ridge (Ingunn)

Sunset spectacularrr Twerp on Thorp

06.26.11 Bean Peak
06.21.11 Poo Poo Point Solstice Picnic
06.20.11 Tiger Mountain Cable Line Loop
06.17.11 West Bandera Mountain (Ingunn)
06.12.11 Iron Peak Birthday Party
06.09.11 TNAB Pratt Mountain
06.06.11 Poo Poo Point
06.04.11 Talapus Lake (Ingunn)

Ironman Summer Solstice Sunset

05.29.11 Lillomarka, Norway (JK)
05.27.11 Keiservarden, Norway
05.26.11 Trail to Svolværgeita, Norway
05.25-26.11 Bunesstranda, Norway
05.24.11 Reinebringen, Norway (JK)
05.04.11 Tiger Mountain Cable Line Loop
05.01.11 American Ridge

Snow moving in... Reinebringen

04.30.11 Edgar Rock
04.23.11 McClure Rock
04.17.11 Oyster Dome
04.08.11 Poo Poo Point

Patient skier Doesn't get much better than this

03.31.11 TNAB West Tiger Trio
03.29.11 Poo Poo Point
03.26.11 Wilderness Peak
03.24.11 TNAB Dirty Harry’s Balcony
03.22.11 Poo Poo Point
03.20.11 Kendall Peak Lakes and Commonwealth Basin (Ingunn)
03.04.11 Pipiwai Trail, Hawai’i

Tree hugger Crayola sky

02.28.11 Sliding Sands Trail, Hawai’i
02.23.11 ʻĪao Valley, Hawai’i
02.19-20.11 Baker Backcountry (JK – AT Ski)
02.05.11 Goat Peak (JK)

Day two Sliding Sands Trail

01.30.11 West Tiger 3 Loop
01.28.11 Rattlesnake Ledge
01.22.11 Lake Valhalla
01.15.11 De Leo Wall Loop
01.14.11 Poo Poo Point (Ingunn)
01.08.11 Hidden Valley (XC Ski)
01.03.11 Kendall Peak Lakes
01.02.11 The Eaglet

Trail breaker Beautiful afternoon light

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