Hiking 2012

12.30.12 Kendall Knob
12.27.12 Deception Pass Headlands
12.01.12 Christmas Tree Hunt

Above the clouds Mom made a friend!

11.25.12 Skyline Ridge

The rock garden That's a sunshine smile!

10.28.12 Poo Poo Point (via High School Trail)
10.20.12 Tiger Mountain Section Line Loop
10.07.12 Lake Valhalla and Mt McCausland

October on the beach Sleeping in for the win

09.30.12 Skyline Trail
09.15-16.12 Yellow Aster Butte
09.02.12 Labyrinth Mountain

Homeward bound Mazama Ridge

08.30.12 TNAB Mount Margaret and Margaret Lake
08.27.12 Sourdough Gap
08.25.12 Naches Peak Loop
08.21.12 Wright Mountain
08.16-19.12 Glacier Peak (JK)
08.14.12 Melakwa – Pratt Loop
08.12.12 Alta Mountain
08.07.12 Summerland from White River CG
08.06.12 Glacier Basin
08.05.12 Skyscraper Peak
08.03.12 Bandera Mountain
08.02.12 Lake 22

Beautiful Bandera Mount Rainier

07.27-28.12 Noble Knob
07.21.12 Thorp Lake and Lookout
07.17.12 Ebey’s Landing
07.11-12.12 Grand Teton National Park
07.09-11.12 Yellowstone National Park

Grand Prismatic Spring Freshly caught nutrias

06.20.12 Camp Muir
06.17.12 Iron Peak
06.10.12 Kachess Ridge

Iron Goat Silly Nannies

05.30.12 Tiger Mountain Cable Line Loop
05.27.12 Edgar Rock
05.20.12 Sun Mountain 25K (JK), Patterson Mountain
05.15.12 Poo Poo Point
05.13.12 Talapus and Olallie Lakes
05.12.12 Rattlesnake Mountain Traverse
05.06.12 Lake 22

Hot trail, cool dog Olallie Lake

04.29.12 Sauer’s Mountain
04.23.12 Pipiwai Trail, Hawaiʻi
04.19.12 Sliding Sands Trail, Hawaiʻi
04.15.12 Little Si and Boulder Garden
04.07.12 Oyster Dome, Lily and Lizard Lake Loop

Hiking Haleakala Perfect weather for a nap!

03.24.12 Heather Lake
03.22.12 Poo Poo Point

Well hello there little buddy Heather Lake

02.15.12 Wallace Falls
02.05.12 Panorama Point
02.04.12 Mt. Catherine Loop XC Ski

Look at me, being all Norwegian and such Good night, Tahoma

01.28.12 Orcas Island 25K (JK)
01.22.12 Hyak Lake and Grand Junction Warming Hut
01.18.12 Powerline Trail XC Ski
01.07.12 Cougar Mountain Trail Run

Happy family in a snowstorm Mount Constitution

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