Hiking 2013

12.26.13 Cougar Mountain Shy Bear Loop

Shy Brutus on Shy Bear Trail Bearded trunk

11.23.13 Mazama Ridge
11.21.13 Tiger Mountain Traverse
11.17.13 Tiger Mountain Nook Loop
11.13.13 Poo Poo Point
11.03.13 Tiger Mountain Section Line Loop

'Tis the season Late season big'uns

10.26.13 Mount Margaret
10.13.13 Headlight Basin

It's such a perfect day Into the ALW

09.21.13 Poo Poo Point (via High School Trail)
09.14.13 Ptarmigan Ridge
09.10.13 Poo Poo Point

Mmm, Shuksan Thanks, J-K!

08.31.13 Minotaur Lake and Point 6262
08.25.13 Kendall Katwalk
08.22.13 TNAB Rampart Ridge
08.18.13 Enchantments and Little Annapurna
08.07.13 Melakwa-Pratt Loop
08.03.13 Mount Defiance

Broots I made it!

07.26-27.13 Sahale Glacier
07.21.13 Benchmark Mountain
07.19.13 Rattlesnake Mountain Traverse
07.14.13 Thorp Mountain
07.09.13 Mount Defiance Loop
07.06-07.13 Mount Adams
07.01.13 Poo Poo Point

A strong contender Jessie in the meadow

06.28-29.13 Crystal Lakes
06.28.13 Fremont Lookout
06.23.13 Bandera Mountain
06.17.13 Tiger Mountain Cable Line Loop
06.15.13 Annette Lake
06.09.13 Gold Creek Pond
06.08.13 Iron Peak
06.06.13 Long Cougar Mountain loop
06.04.13 Poo Poo Point
06.02.13 Goat Lake

Happy birthday to me! Crystal Peak

05.27.13 Torrey Pines, CA
05.20.13 Rattlesnake Ledge
05.19.13 Teanaway Ridge
05.19.13 WAC Lundin Peak attempt (JK)
05.08.13 Grefsenkollen, Norway

Trail through the flowers Balsamroot

04.27.13 The White Cliffs of Dover, England
04.23.13 WTA Mailbox Peak
04.19.13 WTA Cougar Mountain
04.16.13 WTA Cougar Mountain
04.12.13 WTA Cougar Mountain
04.09.13 WTA Cougar Mountain

We found mama! Yay! White Cliffs of Dover

03.31.13 Oyster Dome
03.30.13 WAC Mount Si
03.24.13 Ebey’s Landing
03.23.13 Tiger Mountain Traverse
03.18.13 Poo Poo Point
03.09.13 Palmer Chairlift, Mt. Hood
03.06.13 TNAB Hyak Lake
03.03.13 Poo Poo Point

Happy Hoodlums Samish Overlook

02.15.13 Rattlesnake Ledge, dawn patrol
02.10.13 Poo Poo Point (via High School Trail)
02.04.13 Lind Point Trail to Salomon Beach, Virgin Islands National Park
02.03.13 Waterlemon Cay, Virgin Islands National Park
02.02.13 Reef Bay via Parrot Bay, Virgin Islands National Park

Octopus's Garden Best vacation ever

01.31.13 Ram Head Trail, Virgin Islands National Park
01.25.13 Lind Point Trail to Honeymoon Beach, Virgin Islands National Park
01.13.13 Oyster Dome
01.11.13 Mazama Ridge
01.06.13 Tiger Mountain Ramble
01.01.13 Amabilis Mountain xc ski

View from Amabilis Ram Head Trail

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