Hiking 2014

12.14.14 Discovery Park
12.07.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve

Discovery Park Hello!

11.08.14 Paradise
11.02.14 Tiger Mountain mushrooming

Perfect day for a walkabout Is this really November??

10.12.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve
10.04.14 Tiger Mountain mushrooming

09.12.14 Tiger Mountain mushrooming (Nora’s first hike!)
09.01.14 Tiger Mountain mushrooming

Themed outfit First hike!

08.28.14 PCT Snoqualmie North mushrooming
08.21.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve
08.17.14 Tiger Mountain mushroom scopeout
08.10.14 Snow and Bench Lakes
08.03.14 Waddling around Sunrise

Double cooling 34 weeks down, sixish to go!

07.26.14 Noble Knob
07.12.14 Mirror Lake
07.04.14 Lodge Lake

Mirror Lake Hiking to Noble Knob

06.29.14 Talapus and Olallie Lakes
06.22.14 Foraging class hike, Seward Park
06.07.14 Esmeralda Basin

Lunch spot Shooting stars

05.31.14 Twin Lakes (Wenatchee)
05.27.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve
05.26.14 Cougar Mountain Loop
05.17.14 Teanaway Ridge
05.11.14 Goat Lake

Beautimous trail Goat Lake

04.29.14 Cougar Mountain Loop
04.26.14 Sauer’s Mountain
04.13.14 Ebey’s Landing
04.12.14 Heather Lake
04.10.14 TNABish Little Si
04.06.14 Tiger Mountain Section Line Loop
04.03.14 TNAB Rattlesnake Ledge

Heather Lake I'm gonna be huge by September
03.30.14 Cougar Mountain Loop
03.23.14 Oyster Dome, Lily & Lizard Lakes Loop
03.20.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve
03.18.14 Poo Poo Point
03.13.14 Evans Creek Preserve
03.11.14 Poo Poo Point
03.09.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve
03.08.14 Poo Poo Point

Samish Overlook Coming September 2014

02.23.14 St. Edward State Park
02.22.14 Redmond Watershed Preserve
02.06.14 Lind Point Trail to Salomon Beach, Virgin Islands National Park
02.03.14 Brown Bay Trail, Virgin Islands National Park
02.02.14 Johnny Horn Trail to Waterlemon Cay, Virgin Islands National Park

Leinster Bay My favorite tree

01.25.14 Heybrook Lookout
01.17.14 Glacier Vista
01.05.14 Tiger Mountain Section Line Loop

12th Marmot Alpenglow pullout

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