Pregnancy and Baby


I loved, loved, loved pregnancy – excessive puking, symphysis pubis dysfunction, gestational diabetes and all. Well okay, maybe I didn’t love those bits, but they were more than worth it for this long-awaited baby. Besides, staying active in order to keep the gestational diabetes in check also kept me feeling all sorts of sprightly, so I was able to keep hiking up until the day I went into labor – which, fittingly, began on trail.


I’m trying to keep posts about Nora to a minimum – mostly in the hiking with baby category – but once in a while a baby post will sneak in, because she’s just too damn cute.


Since this is my first child, I am obviously no expert, but I will post what I learn as we go along. So far, our biggest hurdle has been the drive to the trailhead, because apparently some babies loathe car rides with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

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