Hiking 2009

12.05.09 Cougar Mountain trail run
12.06.09 Rattlesnake Ledge
12.09.09 Skyline Ridge (Ingunn)
12.23.09 Skyline Ridge
12.26.09 Poo Poo Point
12.27.09 Keechelus Ridge

Crossing Skyline Lake Tahoma with UFOs

11.01.09 Tiger Mountain trail run
11.02.09 Redmond Watershed trail run
11.22.09 Gold Creek Pond
11.29.09 McClure Rock

He heard a squirrel Snowboarder

10.07.09 Maple Pass Loop (Ingunn)
10.10.09 Lewis and Wing Lake (Black Peak)
10.11.09 Blue Lake
10.24.09 Mount Pilchuck

Wing Lake JK

09.11.09 Fremont Lookout (Ingunn)
09.12-13.09 Tuck and Robin Lakes
09.22-23.09 Gem Lake (Ingunn)
09.26-27.09 Yellow Aster Butte
09.28.09 Bandera Mountain

Pretty pastel Evening glow

08.01.09 Blanca Lake
08.04.09 Poo Poo Point
08.05.09 Snow Lake
08.09.09 Melakwa Lake
08.16.09 Upper Palisade and Hidden Lake
08.21-22.09 Ptarmigan Ridge
08.25-27.09 Tank Lakes (Ingunn)

Glacier nutrias Filling up my Tank...

07.16.09 Melakwa – Pratt Loop (Ingunn)
07.18-19.09 Spectacle Lake
07.22.09 Silver Peak
07.26.09 Spray Park

Spectacle Lake We're pretty

06.06-07.09 Mount Baker, Easton Glacier
06.21.09 Annette Lake
06.27.09 Burroughs Mountain and Fremont Lookout

Blue ice Looking down on the Black Buttes

Utah & Nevada vacation:

  • Cable Mountain, Zion National Park
  • Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park
  • Hidden Piñon, Petrified Dunes, Butterfly and Lava Flow trails, Snow Canyon State Park
  • Navajo, Peek-a-Boo and Queen’s Garden trails, Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Canyon Overlook, Zion National Park
  • Mouse’s Tank, Ephemeral Arch and White Domes, Valley of Fire State Park
  • 05.09.09 The Tooth (JK)
    05.16.09 Mount Persis
    05.17.09 Mount Catherine (JK)
    05.21.09 Mailbox Peak, TNAB
    05.24-25.09 Mount St. Helens
    05.28.09 Redmond Watershed trail run
    05.30.09 Nisqually Glacier (JK)

    Blue skies, petrified dunes Lifeline

    04.03.09 Redmond Watershed trail run
    04.05.09 Camp Muir
    04.09.09 Fuller Mountain (fail), TNAB
    04.16.09 Dirty Harry’s Balcony, TNAB
    04.19.09 Mazama Ridge & Reflection Lake (Ingunn)
    04.25-26.09 Guye Peak (JK)
    04.26.09 Umtanum Canyon (Ingunn)

    Nature's stairmaster Two good friends

    03.02.09 Rattlesnake Ledge
    03.12.09 High Hut, XC Ski
    03.19.09 Poo Poo Point, TNAB
    03.21.09 Mount Si
    03.23.09 Redmond Watershed trail run

    High Hut JK digging a bench

    02.03.09 Rattlesnake Ledge
    02.07.09 McClure Rock
    02.14.09 Mount Catherine
    02.21.09 Keechelus Lake, XC Ski
    02.22.09 Poo Poo Point

    Silver light on Mt Catherine Let's go there

    01.03.09 Kendall Peak Lakes
    01.17.09 Skyline Ridge
    01.18.09 Huntoon Point
    01.24.09 Poo Poo Point
    01.25.09 Paradise
    01.31.09 Mount Si

    Shuksan snuggles Whiteout

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